Why plan ahead?

Funeral Pre Planning Edmonton

Planning your final arrangements ahead of time provides benefits for both your family and you. 

Pre-planning helps your Edmonton Family

Funeral Pre Planning Edmonton

When you pass, it will be an emotional time for your family. By pre-planning your final arrangements, you can spare your family added responsibilities and stress.

  • Alleviates the need for the family to make uncertain decisions at a time of confusion and grief
  • Eliminates the sudden financial burden of final expenses
  • Eliminates the risk of emotional over-spending by family members
  • You can discuss final arrangement options openly with your family in a relaxed environment with clarity of mind

Pre-Planning Saves Your Edmonton Family Money

Funeral Pre Planning Edmonton

By pre-planning your final arrangements today, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of financial benefits.

  • As with most products and services, funeral and cemetery costs rise as the years go by. By pre-planning your final arrangements now, you can lock in at today‚Äôs lower prices potentially saving thousands of dollars in the future
  • You determine the budget, reducing the risk that grieving loved ones will spend more than you would want them to
  • By paying ahead, you have the option to pay in installments vs. your family having to pay the full amount all at once, later.

Pre-plan the service you want

Funeral Pre Planning Edmonton

Pre-planning your final arrangements gives you the opportunity to determine how you would like to be remembered.

  • Celebrate your life, your way, by planning any or every stage of your time to remember the event.
  • Organize the kind of ceremony you want incorporating elements of your personality, interests, culture and/or religious beliefs.
  • Include personal touches that you know will bring comfort to your family members and friends.

The 4-step method to pre-planning

To help simplify the pre-planning process, the team at Arbor developed this 4-step method:

Funeral Pre Planning Edmonton

Why Plan Ahead?

1. Consider your needs

  • Learn about cremation and burial
  • Take into account any requirements of faith and budget

2. Compile your information

  • Gather your personal information, account numbers, location of important documents, contacts, etc.
  • Record this information all together in one journal

3. Create your unique plan

  • Make plans to reflect how you want to be remembered
  • Review the traditional and modern options available to suit your taste, culture, budget, etc.
  • Talk it over with family and your Arbor contact

4. Complete financial details

  • Choose the payment terms that are comfortable for you

Has a death occurred?

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