The Schick Exacta 2 Parkour Challenge


Parkour is something that I have always wanted to try ever since I saw the recent James Bond chase scene. I had heard of parkour/freerunning already even before the movie but it was the Casino Royale chase scene where Daniel Craig was chasing Sebastian Foucan (the founder of free running) that really got me interested.

Then, of course the Assassin’s Creed live trailers started popping up on youtube. That sort of sealed the deal for me ☺. I knew I had to try this thing someday.

That someday was August 14, 2014 when I was invited to the Schick Exacta 2 Parkour Challenge.

SCHICK Exacta 2 Parkour challenge Invite

I was excited when I got the invite but also a bit hesitant to join because I’d gained a bit of weight and I wasn’t sure if I could do the challenge.

I still worked out and lifted (weights) but I hadn’t been training in any martial art or any heavy movement workout for a while so I wasn’t sure how my body would hold up to the type of gymnastic and acrobatic moves that we’d have to learn.

But I soldiered on and accepted the invite anyway because you just don’t get to be part of something like this that often.

What is the Schick Exacta 2 Parkour Challenge?

The challenge was part of Schick’s campaign for their product the Schick Exacta 2 and it was also their way of promoting the Smooth Lee Adventure Promo.

*There’s a section at the bottom of this post that talks about the promo mechanics so be sure to read that part if you want to win either a trip to Macau & Hong Kong, an iPad Air, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro :).

If you’re wondering why Schick picked Parkour for this promotional event, it’s because the key message for this campaign is “Feel the Exact Power of the Schick Exacta 2”.

Parkour sort of just feels right for this kind of message since it’s a discipline that not only requires one to have developed functional strength, but also to be very precise in the movements that one does.

You’ll understand this better once you read up more on what they had us do :).

So on to the actual challenge.

We were supposed to go through an obstacle course that was set up at the Gatorade Hoops Center in Mandaluyong. Here’s a quick look of the course.



There were four main sections in the course and each one was designed to test a particular Parkour skill that we had to learn.

Obviously they couldn’t just ask us to jump in right away, so for about 45 minutes they gave us basic training.

That’s where the people from the Ninja Academy came in. They were also the one who set up the course, FYI.


Our Ninja Masters 🙂

They gave us a demo of their skills before training us.

After that it was finally time for us newbs to give it a try.

They grouped us into four to correspond to the four sides of the obstacle course. Each group was taught the particular skill that was necessary to get through the course.

Here’s another look of the course with the sections listed down.


A quick break down of the drills we had to do:

Rolling – we had to learn how to do a diagonal roll which is necessary in order to diffuse the impact of a landing from a high jump

Vaulting – is the general term used for jumping over obstacles like fences, walls, gates, etc… They allowed us to do what was most comfortable for us.

Precision jumps – are regular jumps but ones that are controlled and very precise. We had to learn how to assess how much force to use in order to land precisely where we needed to be.

High wall – we had to scale the high wall by running towards it and using our foot to divert the forward momentum into an upward jump so that we could latch on to the edge of the wall and pull ourselves up.

We were allowed to train in each section for a couple of minutes then we had to move on to the next one. After all the groups had been run through all the 4 sections, the training ended.

That was followed by a quick break so we could rest for the final challenge.

Time for the Finale 

Before we actually did the challenge, they gave us a demo first of how to do it.

I know it looks really easy but the vaults and the high wall aren’t. Plus this was the “dumbed down” version of how they normally do the course haha.

They were flying all over the place when they were practicing. Naturally they couldn’t show us that during the demo because we’d never be able to do it.

You’ll notice that the dude in yellow is picking something up as he runs through the course. There are strings in some of the obstacles and we had to pull them out as we passed through.

These represent stubborn hair stubbles that are easily removed by the Schick exacta 2 :).


Then it was our turn to do it :).

Unfortunately I don’t have pics or a video of myself doing it. Medyo kinabahan ako ng tinawag pangalan ko so I wasn’t able to ask someone to take a video of me.

But I was able to do the whole thing, just take my word for it haha. I did have a bit of a problem when I got to the high wall though.


The bane of my existence that day

Here’s one that’ll give you a better idea of its height.


That’s not me by the way lol. That’s one of the guys from the Ninja Academy.

My hands/wrist muscles were exhausted from the practice we did (I was able to go over twice when we were practicing). They were actually feeling a little weak and shaky during the break already.

So it took me two attempts to get over the wall and I had to be helped by one of our ninja masters the second time.

Who won the challenge?

This dude was the fastest at like 30 or so seconds. Insane!!!!!!!!!!!!


This dude’s time was insane for someone who’s never done it before

I might be a couple of seconds off on his time but it was around that fast. Just so you know, it took me more than a minute to finish the course haha.

All of us were given prizes so no one really lost in this challenge, even the ones who weren’t able to finish it (because of the high wall) got something :).

lookie what I got :)

lookie what I got :). A couple of Schick Exacta 2 razors, 2 save guards, and the schick quattro titanium trimmer.

We also got this:


Schick Exacta 2 Products

Other than the trimmer (which is awesome by the way), we all got 2 disposable Schick Exacta 2 razors and one Exacta System with replaceable razors.

These two are Schick’s main products and it’s fairly easy to spot them in any leading health & beauty stores, department stores, supermarket and drugstores.

The Exacta 2 disposable one goes for around 22 pesos (that’s super cheap) and is a great razor for when you’re travelling or are in a hurry and need a quick shave. It’s cheap, convenient, and you can throw it away right after you use it if you want.



Now the Exacta 2 System, the one with replaceable razors, is ideal for people who are looking for something that’s a little more long term.

The Kit, which already comes with 2 extra blades (so that’s a total of 3 blades in one kit), costs 79 pesos and a refill goes for around 38 pesos (that includes two blades). That’s also a really cheap price for a product with amazing performance and reusability.


What’s awesome about the exacta products in my opinion is that both of them already come with lubricant strips.

So if you’re outside and don’t have a shaving gel/cream, or if you just don’t really use one in the first place, you’re still good to go :).

I’ll be honest and admit that until recently I never really bothered with shaving creams. The lubricant strips on Schick’s razors have always been enough for me so long as I shave frequently.

I have used some of the cheaper disposable razors before as well, the ones without the lubricant strips, but you really just can’t use those without a shaving gel or cream.

Plus a lot of them aren’t that good/sharp and you have to work real hard to get a proper shave. It sometimes snags hair without actually cutting it which can hurt a bit. Gets a little risky too since you might nick yourself :(.

So if you want a really good and easy shave I suggest you use the Schick Exacta 2 products. They easily get hard to reach hairs in my experience and they’re very affordable.

And remember that quality razors like the Schick Exacta 2 are more precise so it’s easier to shave, it’s faster, and more importantly you reduce the chance of getting cut.


The Smooth Lee Adventure Promo

As mentioned at the start of this post, Schick is currently running a Promo called the Smooth Lee Adventure where YOU become the star of your own Schick commercial.


By joining this promo you get the chance to win either a:

  • Trip to Hong Kong & Macao (First Prize)
  • an Apple iPad Air 16 gig (Second Prize)
  • or a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (Third Prize).

Now isn’t that just awesome :).

The Promo will continue to run until November 30, 2014 so if you haven’t joined yet you still have a lot of time.

Oh, here’s mine by the way :).

Had a good laugh making this one hehe.

Promo Mechanics are as follows:

  • Download the Smooth Lee app in mobile (IOS and Android)
  • Create your Schick TV commercial using the app
  • Video will be converted to youtube.
  • You will be prompted to share and/or join promo
  • If you join the promo, you will be prompted to register in Schick website, submit entry, and like Schick facebook fan page (
  • Schick Philippines will then screen the video you submitted.
  • Upon approval, video will be made public via Schick Philippines youtube account.
  • Qualified entries will be posted on the Schick FB page
  • Open to all males aged 18 and up
  • All entries will be raffled off. Grand prize wins a trip to Hongkong/Macau (4 days 3 nights with Ocean Adventure, HK Disneyland, city tour, and $500 USD pocket money,). Second prize wins an Apple I-Pad Air 16GB . Third prize wins Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (SRP – P18,990). There will also be 50 consolation Prizes – 5 Weekly consolation prizes or a total of 50 winners for 10 weeks – Schick gift packs
  • Promo Period is from August 1 – Nov. 30, 2014

Check out Schick’s website for complete details of the mechanics:

*If you have trouble registering through the app (like what happened to me), you can do so here: You’ll have to download a copy of your commercial to your laptop/pc though.


Here are a couple more pictures of our ninja masters showing off 🙂











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