How to pick the right boxing gloves


Owning your own gloves is absolutely essential if you plan to seriousely train in boxing. It’s the one thing that you can’t do without.

When I started boxing, my first pair of gloves were a gift from a friend. They were slightly worn out but still good enough for training, at least for a while. They lasted for a couple of months before the outside stiches started tearing and the padding started to come out.

The gloves weren’t that high quality to begin with and they were free so I decided to just get myself some new ones instead of trying to salvage them. It was my first time buying gloves though so before I picked my gloves, I made sure that I read up on them and asked the trainers what to look for.

Here are a couple of things that I learned about picking boxing gloves that will hopefully be useful when you buy yours.

Make sure they fit but are comofrtable

Boxing glove

It is very important that you buy gloves that you’re comfortable wearing. This involves proper fit and the type of material that the glove is made off.

Make sure that you give the glove a try before you buy it. Most stores will allow you to do this. Also keep in mind that you will be wearing boxing wraps when you train, so make sure that the gloves aren’t so tight that they won’t be comfortable anymore once you have your wraps on.

Check the stiffness of the gloves as well. Most gloves, are like shoes, they’ll seem stiff at first but will loosen up as you use them. So it’s usually ok for them to be a little hard (but not too much) when you first get them.

Just like shoes as well, check how well the gloves fit your hand. Are the fingers too tightly packed? Do they reach the end of the glove? Can you open and close the glove without too much difficulty? Make sure that you’re satisfied with the answers to these questions.

Remember that the glove you’ll be buying could be the one you’ll be using for months or even years to come so it’s best that you buy one that you like and that you’re comfortable with. Also you’ll be wearing the same glove for one to two hours (or more) when you train and any small inconvenience that you feel when you try them on at the store might seem insignificant at first, but those will be magnified once you start training with them. So be really picky with your gloves.

Boxing Glove Size vs. Boxing Glove Weight

One confusing thing about boxing gloves is that the glove size is different from glove weight. I know this is something that would seem to be fairly obviouse, but because most stores use the glove weight as the measurement for size when you buy one, everyone gets confused. The reason they do this is understandable though. It’s because most of the heavier gloves are big and most of the lighter ones are small.

In reality though, Boxing Glove Weight refers to how heavy the gloves are (Duhhh) not their size. One thing to keep in mind is that the heavier the gloves, the more the padding. That’s where most of the weight comes from. More padding also means more protection for your hands so people who punch hard or train a lot will usually be better off with heavier gloves. Heavier gloves are also good to train with because you expend more energy when using them, your muscles are stressed a lot more (so they’ll develop better), and you get used to punching with heavy gloves making it easier for you to use fighting gloves when you spar or actually fight (official gloves usually weight in at around 8 oz to 10 oz).

If you’re curious how much my gloves weight, they’re 16 oz once. I used to wear a 12 oz pair but then they tore already (like I said above). I trained a lot when I started as well and I noticed that 12 oz gloves (at least the ones I used) were still a bit lacking in padding for my taste. My skin started to flake still and would sometimes wound because they lacked protection. It could’ve been because I was still new to training so my knuckles weren’t used to the intensity yet. But I decided to get heavier gloves anyway just to be sure.

Now moving on to Boxing Glove Sizes. Glove sizes are like shirt sizes, you’ll find small, medium, large and even XL ones. The smaller gloves are for people with small hands and the bigger ones for the people who have bigger hands (I’m mister obviouse I know). Usually the glove sizes correspont to body size but this isn’t always the case. There are some really large people with small hands and the opposite is true as well. And this is when glove weight becomes important actually. Because some of the big guys puch hard but have really small hands. So they’ll get medium or small gloves but will pick ones that are heavily padded. These are not very easy to find though because manufacturers don’t make many of these.

Rough Guide for Picking Gloves

A rough guide I use (and this is just mine, it’s not the end-all guide for glove selection) and one that I tell my friends is to determine first how heavy they want their gloves to be, based on personal preference and training intensity.

I normally don’t like gloves that weigh less than 14 oz for training so my staples start at that weight and go up to 20. I like the additional weight on the hands because it adds a little more difficulty to the training. And of course it’s also added protecion.

So I go with the glove weight first before I look into the size and fit of the glove. If you’ve got regular sized hands you shouldnt find it too difficult to finds glove sizes that are perfect for you fit wise. If you’re part of the marginal group though then you might have to order gloves online or look for specialty stores that cary ones in your prefered size and weight.

For guys with average weight I normally tell them to just get 16 oz gloves because they’re great for building muscle and for protection. Some of my friends don’t like it though because they’re a bit heavy and go for 14s. You can too if that’s what you want. I come from a weight lifting background so I like the added weight. I probably wouldve gone for 20 ones too if I found one lol. I can’t remember exactly where I got my glove but I know it was in Robinsons Manila, probably Tobys but I’m not 100% sure.

For girls 14 oz or 12 oz ones are usually ok. A friend of mine who used to train with me got 14 oz gloves and she didn’t seem to have any problem with them.

Now if you’re thinking of fighting professionally or even just in inter gym tournaments, glove weight for professional fights are usually eighter 8 oz or 10 oz.

Always pick good quality gloves

Boxing gloves 2

I already said it before but always pick quality over price if you can. My gloves have been with me for 2 or 3 years now and I believe they cost somewhere in the 2,500 – 3K (pesos) range. They’re really well made though and I’ve seen no tears whatsoever so far.

If you get a cheap one, 1k range, then chances are you’ll be buying a new one in a couple of months or a year. But that’s not really the biggest problem with these. The one you really want to avoid is being injured because your gloves don’t provide enough protection to your knuckles or to your wrist.

So it’s better to just pick a quality glove the first time you buy one.

Other things to keep in mind when picking gloves

  • Real leather gloves are usually better than their synthetic counterparts although there are really nice synthetic ones as well in the higher price range.
  • Never buy laced gloves for training. They might look cool but it’s too difficult to put on and remove. Get strapped ones instead.
  • Don’t forget to leave room for wraps when picking gloves.

That’s it for this post. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you have other glove buying/selection tips.

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Malds Menzon is the owner and main writer for The Fit Pinoy blog. He's a law student, blogger, internet marketer and fitness enthusiast who enjoys writing about all the gyms he's been to and fitness classes he's tried. He spends most of his time either at the gym or studying/writing at one of the Starbucks places in the Metro Manila Area. He usually looks a little too serious but he's a nice guy so don't be afraid to say hi if you run into him :). You can follow or add him on Twitter and Google+ by clicking the appropriate buttons on your left (below the picture).

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  1. Tyler [,ink.] 26 October, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Thank you! I came to your site, compelled to help you out because you helped me out by critiquing my blog on bloggers, but wouldn’t you know I found this article, something very interesting and useful to me! I’m moving into a new house at the end of the year and am buying a punching bag (my first) to put in it, and I was just going to buy any old pair of gloves off amazon to use them. Now I know better thanks to you!!! Thanks for the help Malds!

    • Malds 26 October, 2012 at 2:28 am

      Anytime tyler and thanks for the visit 🙂

  2. Angielene Cabasag 28 May, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Hello Malds!
    I came across your site as I am doing some research on boxing before I buy my own gloves since gloves are a bit pricey. I’m 21 y/o, female and had 2 sessions of boxing. I find it addictive so I want to take it seriously and get my own gloves. Could you let me know what is the best brand for boxing gloves? 😀 and where can I buy it?

    • Malds 28 May, 2013 at 4:39 pm

      Hey Angielene, glad you’re enjoying boxing :). A twins glove will be ok na for training. I use twins and I’ve had it for 2 or 3 years na. Still feels new, well better than new actually coz it’s not as stiff as it used to be. I think I got mine for 2K something pesos. Most of the decent gloves will run you anywhere from 1.5k to 2k.

      I got mine at tobys, but you can get one at most sports stores in any mall here in manila. They’re not hard to find. Just try to stay away from the gloves that cost less than 1k. Those are usually the ones that tear really easily and are lacking in padding.

      • Angielene Cabasag 29 May, 2013 at 8:58 am

        Hello again Malds!
        Thanks for your reply! 🙂 Any, have you tried Titans? Or any friend of yours have tried it? Is it a good brand for boxing gloves? 🙂 Hope you won’t mind me asking too many questions :p

        • Malds 29 May, 2013 at 5:27 pm

          hmmm I’m not sure sa titans angielene, mas kilala ko kasi brand ng twins at everlast. Kung ako, at ako lang naman ito, I’d rather go for either of the two brands that I mentioned since they’re more the mainstream brands for boxing. So kahit papano decent yung make nya. For titans I’ve never used it so I can’t comment on it, sorry :(.

  3. Don A. 8 June, 2013 at 11:25 am


    Do you train with prescription eyewear? I plan to take up boxing after next week to get back into some shape. The only foreseeable snags are my glasses. Ought I invest in a pair of prescription goggles or can I just leave them in my bag/locker?

    • Malds 8 June, 2013 at 1:32 pm

      I don’t. Near sighted ako, 350 sa isa and 375 sa isa, pero kaya ko pa naman pag boxing lang. Blurrty vision ko when I take my glasses off pero I can still work out naman kahit wala sila. Suggestion ko is mag contacts ka nalang kung gusto mo mag train ng boxing. Medyo hassle kasi I think kung may googles ka. I have a set of lenses para lang talaga sa boxing and martial arts training ko. I don’t like wearing contacts kasi pero minsan gusto ko lang talaga clear vision ko pag nag tratrain.

      So yun, either you just take them off or mag contacts ka nalang.

      • Don A. 8 June, 2013 at 9:41 pm

        Okay. I’ll let you know the week after next. Magka-grado tayo, mas o menos.

        • Malds 9 June, 2013 at 9:10 am

          ayt, good luck sa training :).

  4. will of the wind 16 August, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Thanks for the article…I got some tips on how to buy my own gloves…

  5. eGonzales 19 September, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    thanks for the info! kala ko niloloko lang ako ng coach ko on buying twins gloves. ok pla un! he’s selling a glove kasi 2nd hand for 1800.. ok ba un?

    • Malds 20 September, 2013 at 11:23 am

      Kung orig sya then I suppose ok yun. Pero I’ve never really come across fake ones and I’m not really sure kung meron. Pero kung 2ndhand na sya tawaran mo haha baka pwede mo mapabagsak ng 1500 ;).

  6. Maika 17 March, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    hi malds! i’m buying me own pair this week and honestly, di ko alam anong bibilhin ko. haha! my trainer suggested twins na 10 oz. for me but i’m looking at everlast din kasi. what would you recommend? hmmm…

    • Malds 17 March, 2014 at 5:08 pm

      Hi Maika, to be honest twins and everlast don’t differ much quality wise when you use them so up to you. Go for the cheapest nalang sa dalawa siguro. I use twins but they’re both good so you can’t go wrong with either.

  7. Maika 17 March, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    sige, mag toss coin nalang siguro ako 🙂 thanks so much! 😀

    • Malds 17 March, 2014 at 10:56 pm

      No prob, and not to be biased but since twins ginagamit ko you might find it useful to know na almost 4 years na sa akin yung gloves ko and it’s still in pretty good condition. May konting fading sa markings pero otherwise it’s still really good. Cost me 2k plus when I got it.

  8. Harold 18 March, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Hi Malds!

    I would like to try boxing to lose weight, I am planning to start on Thursday. Would you recommend me to buy right away my own gears, or do you think it will be better to let me try the progrma for a while and just buy later on? thanks!

    • Malds 18 March, 2014 at 2:57 pm

      Hi harold, I think you should try it out 2 or 3 times first. Gear will cost you 2k and up so it’s best to make sure that boxing is something you can stick with.

      Your gym will most likely have gloves you can borrow so just do that for now. Make sure to bring soap or alcohol for after tho haha. If the gloves aren’t newly washed they’re prolly gonna smell.

      Best you buy your own wraps though kahit bago ka pa lang and not borrow from the gym. Wraps cost only around 200 bucks and at least you can make sure that your wraps are always clean and newly washed when you train. Coz you have no control over the condition of the gear you borrow at the gym.

      • Harold 18 March, 2014 at 4:15 pm

        HAHAHA! Well, to be honest, I am very particular with hygiene and knowing what you’ve said a while ago makes me really think whether to borrow gloves or to own one…

        thanks for your time! I hope that I can stick with this program until I get my target weight…Thanks!

        • Malds 18 March, 2014 at 4:40 pm

          My female friends who try boxing always complain that the gloves and wraps that they borrowed were smelly and that the smell would stick to their hands after. So you’ve been warned haha

          Good luck and I hope you achieve your target weight. Boxing is a great way to achieve your weight goals tho if you can do it regularly. Much better than just enrolling in a gym in my opinion.

  9. Ana 7 May, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Hi Malds!
    I’m on the heavy side and would like to try ,muay thai for the first time. I’m a bit scared of course. Is it safe ? Any feedback for Elorde-Daang Hari? Thanks in advance.

    • Malds 7 May, 2014 at 4:31 pm

      Hey Ana, never been to daang hari branch sorry. Pero from the 4 branches na napuntahan ko mukhang parepareho naman yung level ng trainers nila so I’m assuming ok din dun.

      Re your weight, syempre ok lang yan. The whole point of doing this nga naman is to lose weight and to be fit. Might be a slow start kasi flexibility is always an issue pero for sure kaya mo yan.

      Re safety naman, they’re not gonna push you to do something na di mo kaya. They might push you harder than what you’d normally do or feel like you could do, but never to the point na unsafe na.

  10. Ces 25 August, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    Hello, I just recently tried boxing for my weight loss program. My trainer recommended to have my own boxing gloves. And honestly, I was shocked when he offered some to me. I consider Php 2500 steep since I am only a college student. However, I came across an online ad selling boxing gloves (K-Sport) with hand wraps for only P900, I am pretty convinced that I won’t be pursuing professional boxing but I would like to at least have my own boxing gloves without the smell of sweat from countless people who have used them in the gym. (They’re also a bit worn out on the edges.)

    Do you think K-sport is a good brand? And if I were to use them for only a few months, should I really consider buying one for myself?

    Here’s the link of the item:,Position,2-5,25#advertisementDetails

    Thank You.

    • Malds 26 August, 2014 at 3:01 pm

      Hey Ces, yeah I understand why you’re hesitant to spend that much. When I started boxing, the glove prices were pretty steep since I was still a full time student then.

      The decent ones will almost always go for upwards of 2k talaga tho. But the cheap ones will work for you naman. It’s just that they’re prolly not gonna last as long as the better quality ones like twins or everlast.

      My friend used to have a 900 to 1k worth gloves that he passed down to me after a year of casual use. It tore after a month or two of regular use with me.

      Pero if you’ll only be boxing for a couple of months naman, I think the cheap ones should do ok for you.

  11. ken 11 January, 2016 at 8:35 am

    My first boxing session will be tomorrow, I want to buy this Everlast glove, but I just bought an Excalibur glove that cost me around P800. The reason I bought a much cheaper gloves is that the sale’s lady in Toby’s told me that the normal life span of a Boxing glove is just 4 months. I feel sorry I didn’t read any blogs or guide like this before buying one. I think I will go with Everlast/Twins if it broke after a couple of months.

    Thank you for this post sir.

    • Malds 14 January, 2016 at 8:12 am

      4 months life span is probably for the cheapo gloves. Yeah, go for quality gloves next time. They last you longer and will keep your hands safe from impact damage.

      You’ll probably be fine with the ones you got for now tho. You don’t really need the extra padding in the beginning unless you’re naturally a hard puncher. But later on as you progress, you’ll start feeling the stress on your fists and wrists when you get better because there’s more force to your punches. So you’ll benefit from quality gloves then.

  12. g nat 20 March, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Hi sir. I started boxing last friday lang and I find it addictive and exactly what I needed. But you’re right, the gym glove smells. Haha. I’m not trying to lose weight at all (105lbs here tops) but I gather boxing is the sports I prefer as I age. So they let me use “twins” brand. The weight and size are almost right however a bit heavy but I completely forgot about it when we started training. Im going to visit the big, bad manila just to get one of those since they don’t have them here. I noticed later that may thumb does not really fit where it should. My next training is on Tuesday. I have to use the smelly ones from the gym until then. Haha Your blog is really helpful. Un lang thanks!

  13. vaibhav jain 9 September, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    Hi , I’ve been boxing for two months now at empire boxing, I am around 5’6 and weigh 66 KGS, more on the muscular side, I used 10oz k sports gloves for these two months but now they’ve worn out, I am a heavy puncher and I’ve mildly njured my hands. I’m looking for new gloves and really confused whether to go with the 12oz, 14oz or 16oz. I’m more interested in gloves that’d protect my hands from hurting more

    • Malds 28 October, 2016 at 11:42 am

      Go with 16s then. It offers better protection and gives you a better workout. You might need to adjust a bit the first couple of sessions tho.

  14. Jamir 11 November, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Hi Malds!

    Your blog is very informative. I’m planning to start soon and thinking of buying a pair of gloves. My friend who is into boxing also recommended everlast but I’m still confused what size and what is the weight of the gloves I should use. But upon reading your blog and the comments I decided to borrow gloves first from the gym first and seek for the recommendation of the trainer as well. Lastly, which one will you recommend, hand wraps or gel wraps?

    • Malds 23 November, 2016 at 1:21 pm

      Go for the heaviest gloves (if you haven’t bought any yet) you can handle as they have more padding and are easier on your hands when training hard.

      My personal preference is hand wraps since I use 16 oz gloves so i don’t really need the extra padding from gel wraps. I also like the feeling of putting the hand wraps on, sort of psyches me up before the training lol.

      Gel wraps provide extra cushion if you feel the need for that (knuckle area). Maybe you were previously injured or maybe you feel like your gloves don’t have enough padding. They’re easier to use, since you just slip it on and they’re also easier to clean since it’s not a long roll of cloth.

      The thing is though, and this could just be true for my own gel wraps, I don’t really feel they have much wrist support. There’s a little bit but it’s not as good as hand wraps in my opinion. What I do like about gel wraps though is they don’t unravel in the middle of training. I’ve had this happen to me a lot of times with hand wraps.

      So, in my opinion, gel wraps are great if you train casually and if you can find one that fits your hand perfectly. But hand wraps still win for me, but that’s just me. I like how you can sort of customize how you wrap your hands with them, since i like adding extra wrist protection. I once injured my right wrist working on power punches on a wall bag so i pay extra attention to them.

  15. Odee 18 November, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Hello, sir! Stumbled upon this old entry and it’s really useful. I hope you could give me a recommendation on what gloves to get. I’m female, height 4’11 (i know, i’m small huhu) and right now, i weigh 70kgs — obese by medical standards, so i decided to take boxing sessions and trim my weight down. Anyway, i just started this week with 3 sessions completed. I’m only boxing for fitness and not to be the next Manny Pacquiao lol.

    I can’t determine whether i’m a hard puncher or what not because it’s all mitts and bags for me. And the way my trainer taught me how to do hand wraps, it’s really thick in my knuckles. Can you recommend a brand of gloves i could get? I use 10oz in my last 3 sessions, but what you said about going for a heavier set got me thinking. 🙂 Thank you in advance!!

    • Malds 23 November, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      If you haven’t bought a set yet i recommend going 12 or 14. If you’ve already tried 10s and you still think that you can go one or two clicks higher, weight wise, feel free to do so. There’s only upsides to that move training wise, so if you can you should. If you’re not sparring with anyone and only training with the gloves, the heavier/more padding the better.

      Low weight/less padded gloves are usually for competition since less padding means you hit harder. It’s also harsher on your hands though because there’s less shock absorption, so they’re normally not used for training. Though some old school fighters train with their fighting gloves, either to get used to the weight for actual competition or they’re just hardcore like that lol. For us casuals though, it’s better to veer on the cushier side.

  16. Keith 27 February, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Just want to ask, do you prefer the Everlast Pro Style Elite Gloves? Or would I go for another brand? I was using a cheap brand last time. It was good to use, but I felt that it was a bit thin on the padding and I occasionally bend my wrist when I punch the bag wrong. So I would like to get a branded gloves soon. Thanks.

    • Malds 17 March, 2017 at 11:35 pm

      Everlast are pretty decent so if you can get those you should. it’s either that or Twins. Those two are the more popular decent brands that you can find locally as far as i know.

      Re the wrist bending issue, it might be the wrapping. The wraps are there mainly to support your wrist thats why i like the longe old school ones despite them being a bit messy to handle, but then again it could also be a glove issue so you might as well replace the cheap ones just to be safe.


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