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For the past couple of years Elorde has been my go to boxing gym. Recently though I’ve started going to Empire boxing in Makati because of it’s proximity to where I’m currently working (it’s just two floors from the office hehe) and because I wanted something new to review for this blog.

If you’re new to boxing, be sure to read my other post about Elorde Boxing Gym as well. I talk about a bunch of stuff in that post that you might find useful regardless of where you train.

That’s enough of an intro I suppose, let’s get right into the my review :).

Gym Size

My initial thoughts when I first walked into the gym were about how small it was. It is (I’m estimating) only a third of the size of Elorde Gilmore branch. It’s an office space basically that was converted into a boxing gym. There’s a ring in the back middle section, the bag area and the lockers are at the sides and you’ve got the main mirror facing area in the front middle section.

Here are a couple of pics of the place. Apologies for the poor cam skills lol.

Training at Empire Boxing Makati

Jump Rope and Mitt Hitting area

Empire Trainers

Empire Boxing Ring

Empire Punching Bag

Empire Boxing House Rules

Empire Boxing House Rules


Most of the people who train here work near the gym so it’s easy enough to understand why most people come in to train once  work ends at around 5 or 6 pm. If you plan to avoid the crowds then make it a point to be in and out before this time.

But if you do end up training during the peak hours it’s still tolerable. You might have to be a wee bit careful when jumping rope or when doing mitt drills so as not to hit or bump into anyone but it’s not too bad.

Might  even be a good idea to train here after work if you’re trying to kill time before going home. Traffic sucks at 5-8 pm anyway.


The trainers are pretty good. To be honest though I don’t see much difference in them and the ones at elorde. I’d say they come from pretty much the same stock (x-pros, amateur boxers, etc…).

*UPDATE: Just talked to Rob the owner and also a coach at empire, looks like their trainers aren’t just run of the mill after all hehe. My mistake.  They’re all licensed that’s why unlike other gyms they have the GAB (Games and Amusements Board) accreditation. They pass through a four week screening program. They go for ability to train and a positive attitude. Also four of our trainers are USA ACE certified.


You’ll be doing all the basic stuff like:

  • Mitt hitting
  • Double End Bag
  • Speed Bag
  • Punching Bag Drills
  • Jump Rope
  • Footwork Drills
  • and Ab work at the end

You’ll also be stretched and massaged at the end.

Empire Boxing Training Rates

FYI: I lifted this info from a flyer they give out at the gym so it’s pretty accurate. To be honest I was not aware that they also teach MMA and strength and conditioning workouts at Empire Boxing 😯 . I thought they only offered boxing and Muay Thai hehe

Annual Membership

1,200 (this comes with one free Muay Thai Session or 2 Free boxing sessions)

Boxing Rates:

Single Session: 250 for members and 350 for non-members

3 sessions: 700

12 Sessions: 2,500

30 Sessions: 4,000 (valid for 5 weeks)

Muay Thai Rates:

Single Session: 300 for members and 400 for non-members

3 sessions: 780

12 Sessions: 3,000

30 Sessions: 5,000 (valid for 5 weeks)

 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Rates:

Single Session: 400 for members and 500 for non-members

3 sessions: 1,100

12 Sessions: 4,200

[email protected] (Strength and conditioning which is goal specific i.e. weight loss, toning, mass gain, speed, power, etc…)

Single Session: 300 for members and 4500 for non-members

10 sessions: 2,500

FITMAX Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Twice a week boxing, once a week [email protected]: 3,500

doesn’t say for how long but looking at the price I’m assuming this is for one month.

Discounted Rates

Annual Membership: 800 or FREE if you’re 12 or below so bring your kids ;).

Boxing: 200 (kids 12 and below boxplay – integrated boxing and play)

Muay Thai: 250

MMA: 350 or 2,500 only for 12 sessions

And Finally, if you sign up a friend you get a free session :).

That’s pretty much it for this post.

Be sure to read my other post about Elorde Boxing Gym though. I talk about a bunch of stuff in that post that you might find useful if you’re new to boxing.

I’m enjoying training at Empire and have run into a couple of old friends who also train there as well actually. Since a lot of people I know from college and law school work in Makati, I won’t be surprised if I end up seeing more people there in the future.

Map to Empire Boxing Makati and Contact Details

 Empire Boxing Makati Map

Empire Boxing on Facebook

Follow Empire Boxing on Twitter

Address: Unit 5K OPL Building, C. Palanca Corner De la Rosa, Legaspi Village, Makati

Contact Numbers: 09166829653 / 09999943267 / (02) 9557032

They’re open Mondays – Saturdays from 7 am – 10pm and Sundays from 9am – 5pm.

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  1. Rio 10 May, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Hi Malds, do you also need to tip here?

    • Malds 11 May, 2014 at 1:51 am

      Hey Rio, I’ve always considered it standard practice so I always tip regardless of the boxing gym. You can prolly get off without tipping tho in both elorde and empire. Call mo, pero kugn kaya mo naman, just give the trainer 20 or 40 bucks :).

      • Rio 11 May, 2014 at 12:01 pm

        Ah alright. Got it. Thanks! 😀

  2. Aly 30 May, 2014 at 1:57 am

    Hi Malds! I’ve been reading your blog. Just a thought, have you tried going to Eclipse 24/7? It’s a results oriented gym that has high praises in the pinoy exchange community as far as I’ve read. I’m not a fan of those “pampapawis” lang na gyms

    • Malds 30 May, 2014 at 5:16 pm

      Wala pa, I have heard of it tho and I’ve read about it sa pinoy exchange din. And you’re right from the comments it does seem to be better than the regular gyms lang. I get the impression that the coaches/trainers there are more involved and mas may direction yung training ng mga regulars dun.

      But again haven’t worked out there yet so these are all from comments/reviews I’ve read online lang. Will have to check them out soon para I can write something about them :). The gym is fairly popular as well.


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