Best Food Forward Happening In Rockwell This Weekend


Hiya everyone, very late post haha but best food forward 2014 is happening this weekend at Rockwell Tent :).

Best Food Forward is a yearly food bazaar which has  some of the best specialty food stalls around. They’re on their 4th year now so you can expect great food and a wide selection.

Best food forward

Was able to try some of the food at their pre-launch at Podium and they were amazing. I don’t even really like deserts but ate all the cookies and cakes that they gave us, not in one sitting tho haha. Had to bring most of them home coz I was stuffed.


Pre launch event was held here. As I understand it this is either owned or run by CCA.


The regular fare at the venue. They served us some food on top of all the samples we tried lol.

But before we go to the eating part, our hosts first explained to us what the event was all about. So like I said earlier, this’ll be their 4th year and the previous three have been successful so we can look forward to an even better 4th Food Bazaar. It’s also a benefit event so for this year, the beneficiaries will be the flood victims.


Our hosts that afternoon



A couple of the stall/business owners come up and talk about their product. They told us their stories and what their specialty food had to offer.











Here are the stalls I was able to try :).

These pictures are from the pre-event held at Podium, The Blackboard/CCA. They invited bloggers and media people there. I was able to go because of Nuffnang :).


The feeding frenzy 🙂

Gourmet Garage

Presentation was pretty unique. They made all their normal food bite-sized so that it’d be easy for us to try a lot of em. They’re based in subic so if you’re in the area you might wanna drop by.





Bite sized goodies 🙂

Kooky Pam

Sisters/entrepreneurs, the cookies they served were great. I especially liked the chocolate chip. I’m not even really a fan of sweet stuff.



Voila Jar Cakes

Gourmet cakes for the non-baker lol. I honestly didn’t know you could make things like these. It’s like an instant cake. You just add water, stir really well, then nuke it on the microwave. Then VOILA (see what I did there?) you’ve got yourself a cake in a jar, and yes they are tasty.






They’re a pretty popular brand in Japan, but not so much here. The rep from their company actually flew all the way here just to be at the pre launch event which shows how much they take their expansion/marketing here seriously.

They’re basically a Mayonnaise brand and they have a selection of them. Definitely better than your regular mayo, but I don’t really use mayo that much anyway so you’ll have to try this and decide for yourself how good it is.

The sandwiches they served were definitely good tho.






Don’t really think I need to talk about them. I’m pretty sure they’re popular enough for most of you to know what they are :).




Big Dog’s Kitchen

Great sandwiches, but they don’t have a physical store yet. Chatted with the owner and he said that their joining the bazaar to sort of introduce the people to their food and then launch something out of it. Looking forward to them opening a brick and mortar place.





Deep Dips

Definitely my fave among all of the ones I tried. They go great with rice and I’m a big rice eater (like most of you probably). Actually looked for these couple of days ago when I did my groceries but couldn’t find them. Will definitely be grabbing a couple of jars this weekend.




There’s less than 2 days to go before Best Food Forward 2014

Be sure to check them out at Rockwell tent.

Follow and get in touch with them at:

Email: [email protected]

Best Food Forward On Facebook


09178871933/2119644/7011398 for inquiries

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