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The Fit Pinoy Blog is something I started because I needed a place to talk about everything I am doing and will be doing that is in someway related to my battle against the bulge ;).

I’m not fat (at least that’s what I keep telling myself lol) but I have gained a considerable amount of weight if I compare my body structure now to the one I had back when I was in college. That said, a lot of the posts in this blog will be about the classes I’m taking and will be taking in my attempt to get back to my old weight, or at least get close to it.

I’ll also be writing about a couple of outdoor stuff that I’m getting into. My current loves are surfing and mountain climbing but I can see myself gaining a couple more hobbies as the months and years go by (scuba, biking, and marathon running… sana lang lol). So expect a lot of posts on those later on.

And from time to time I’ll also be ranting on my blog (because it is a blog after all) and writing about things that are in no way related to fitness, health, or weight loss. It’s just that sometimes I might want to write about something but have nowhere else to put it so I might dump them here :).

I wrote this “about page” really late (3 or 4 months after I started this blog) and I’ve noticed that I’ve written a good number of posts already about gyms and fitness classes in the metro. Given the state of things I’ll probably continue to write more stuff about anything interesting I find even if I’ve never tried them. So the “Training” category will probably become a directory type thing later on.

So yeah… I’m not really sure what direction this blog will take in the coming months/years but I at least hope that it gets me where I need to be fitness wise. And if people happen to land on one of my posts for one reason or another, and they find what I’ve written useful, then that’d be awesome :).

Oh and I also write at hubpages: http://truebluewriter.hubpages.com/. But I mostly publish just random stuff over there when I’m experimenting with some topics or keywords (I do some Internet Marketing here and there). So if you wanna check my hubs out, just head on over there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you like the stuff I have here on my blog :).

Feel free to leave me a comment if you want to get in touch or ask me a question about anything.

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Malds Menzon is the owner and main writer for The Fit Pinoy blog. He's a law student, blogger, internet marketer and fitness enthusiast who enjoys writing about all the gyms he's been to and fitness classes he's tried. He spends most of his time either at the gym or studying/writing at one of the Starbucks places in the Metro Manila Area. He usually looks a little too serious but he's a nice guy so don't be afraid to say hi if you run into him :). You can follow or add him on Twitter and Google+ by clicking the appropriate buttons on your left (below the picture).

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