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I joined a quick tour of the University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) last Saturday as one of the bloggers they invited for their media campaign. They’re trying to reach out to more people and to make the general public more aware of the services they offer so they got Nuffnang to help them out in their campaign and that’s how I was invited.

So… umm… let’s get to it :).

What is UPMC?

Let me just clear something up first because I was very misinformed about what UPMC stood for prior to the tour hehe. I used to think that the “UP” in UPMC stood for “University of the Philippines” since they’re inside the PGH compound in Taft. Makes sense for me to think that naman diba?

Mali pala ako.

The UP stands for “University Physicians” and they’re actually only leasing the building from UP, they’re not part of the UP system. They’re a private group. BUT pretty much all their physicians are affiliated with PGH, either professors or graduates, and this is the second thing that led me to presuming before that they were affiliated with the school.

Anyway, so yeah, it’s a private institution that operates inside the UP/PGH compound along Taft. If you enter through the Taft gate it’s the building to your left, the very first one. It looks new so it’s easy to spot.

So going back to the original question, what is UPMC all about?

UPMC is actually a trade name of the Mercado Ambulatory and Surgical Centers Inc. (MASCI), which is a private group that runs multi-specialty outpatient diagnostic and surgical centers.

In simple language, they’re basically providing a much better and much more convenient alternative to being hospitalized (for several days) for treatment.

Because they have great doctors and the latest in medical technology, they can offer same-day treatments for operations that would normally require several days of hospitalization in other centers.

They specialize in minimally invasive (less scars and faster recovery) operations that can be performed quickly and ones that will allow the patient to return home right after the operation.

What makes them different from the other hospitals and health centers in the Metro?


Like I said earlier, they’re mainly an outpatient facility. Meaning if you have a treatment or operation that you need done, you come in, you get treated, and then you go home. You don’t have to stay over for “recovery” like how you normally would in other hospitals.

This set up is a lot less hassle for not only the patients but also for the people that have to take care of them. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying na hassle mag alaga ng kamaganak na may sakit, my point is that by removing the forced stay at the hospital, it’s just easier on everyone. It’s also easier on the wallet this way since there are always additional expenses whenever someone is forced to stay over at the hospital (food, transpo costs of the people visiting, etc…).

My mom a couple of months back was actually treated here in UPMC when she had problems with her spinal disk. They did a quick bit of surgery which only took a couple of hours (we were able to go home on the same day) and she had to come back for her therapy every weekend. The surgery according to my mom wasn’t very invasive.

The awesome thing about the treatments that my mom had was that she only had to stay at the hospital for a couple of hours. I’d either just hang out at Figaro (yes they have one there) and read something or I’d go to Robinsons while she was being treated, and pick her up once she was done.

No stay-overs, no hospitalizations, no bad hospital smells, and no prolonged exposure to everything that you can get exposed to in hospitals lol. It was a quick (relatively at least) in and out engagement.

My mom’s a doctor pala, FYI. Wala lang, proud lang ako na doctor yung mom ko haha.

Moving on….

The other thing that makes it different from other hospitals and centers of its caliber is the fact that the procedures, tests & treatments that they provide are actually very affordable. It’s really cheap considering the quality of service and treatment that you get here.

I’ll try to update this post with a list of treatments and tests that they do as well as the rates soon but for now, just trust me when I say that despite the very upscale appearance of the center, the prices aren’t really that up there.

So yun lang naman.

I think it’s great that there’s a quality healthcare institute like UPMC that’s affordable. I understand that they probably launched their media campaign to attract more customers and improve profits. But I personally think it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

I’m always for the promotion of quality goods and services. If they’re able to provide the best, then maybe they deserve to be a bit more popular :).

I you want to know more about UPMC, be sure to check out their Website and their Facebook Page:

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My UPMC Tour (Pictures)

Here are some pictures that I took during the tour.




































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