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  • GNC Fitness Throwdown 2013

    GNC Fitness Throwdown 2013

    A Crossfit Games like event is finally happening here in the Philippines. If you’ve read my posts about Crossfit, then you’ll at least have some idea about what to expect at the GNC Fitness Throwdown. For those who have never [...]

  • CrossFit Manila

    CrossFit Manila

    CrossFit Manila is the first box in the Philippines (as far as I know at least). They were the first to spread the CrossFit gospel here. I went over to their site and learned that the reason the owners started [...]

  • 2013 resolution

    2013 Resolution

    I gained a good bit of weight over the holidays and wasn’t really able to workout because of an ankle sprain so I really need to get back to the gym ASAP. I got the sprain after a botched landing [...]

  • Graduation WOD, Crossfit Foundations Class Finally Ends :)

    Yesterday was the last day of the November Crossfit foundations class and surprisingly there were only about 6 of us who were able to make it. The box was being upgraded for the upcoming certification seminar so we weren’t able [...]

  • Second to the last foundation day class

    Just finished the second to the last foundations class for crossfit a couple of hours back. I was surprised that there were only 6 of us there considering how close we are to ending the classes. But most of us [...]

  • Crossfit Insurrecto Foundations Class – First Day

    Finally did my first class yesterday and it was surprisingly a lot easier than the crossfit trial I did about a month ago. It was the first day for this year’s last foundations class series and there were only 9 [...]

  • What is CrossFit Insurrecto? – My first trial experience

    What is CrossFit Insurrecto? – My first trial experience

    A friend of mine has been working out at the CrossFit Insurrecto branch in Quezon City for a couple of months now. He’s asked me several times to give it a try and for one reason or another, I was [...]