Surfing at Calicoan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar


Finally had the chance to visit Guiuan, Samar last May. I was staying in Tacloban for a week to practice driving (daily traffic there is a lot better than here in Manila so it’s easier to practice there) and decided to work on my long distance driving by heading to Calicoan, Guian Samar to Surf.

I go to Guiuan 2 or 3 times a year to visit the Church with my family so I’ve seen the waves and I’ve always known about the surf spot. But I’ve never been able to do some surfing there because we never stayed for too long. We usually just went to church, visited some people/relatives, then went home.

So this time it was awesome to be able to go there for the sole purpose of checking out the surf spot :)… well for the driving experience as well lol but yeah, I’m sure you know which one was on top of my priority list.

The drive

Took us (me and two other guys) a little over 4 hours to get to the surf camp. It’s probably possible to get there faster if you’re an experienced driver. But since this was my first long distance drive, I took my time. There’s hardly any traffic but expect to be driving on only two lanes (one forward and one back). So if you’re used to SLEX or NLEX, the roads are way smaller.

Be really careful on the curves coz the regular drivers here are so used to the lack of traffic that they’re almost always going fast.

We passed a lot of small towns on the way and some awesome beaches. Of course my family is from this area so I’ve seen these all before.

Road is pretty good. There were hardly any long uncemented parts, there were some of course but they weren’t so bad. This was of course still during the summer so it was dry season. The uncemented roads of Samar become really bad once it starts raining.

Here’s a map to the place:

Calicoan Guiuan Eastern Samar

Surf Camp/Beach

The public beach is just along the road. It’s before the famous Surf Camp, before Andoks (yes the famous roasted chicken chain lol) as well. It’s covered by a wall so it might be difficult to spot.

Here are a couple of pics of the road and the entrance.

Surfing Calicoan Samar

Surfing Calicoan Samar 1

If you’re having trouble finding it just ask around, everyone from there knows about the place.

The hut you see in the picture above is where the surfing trainers like to hangout. There’ll be a couple more huts to your right when you go in.

There’s no entrance fee since this is a public beach, but board rental is 200 and I think it’s either 250 or 300 if you hire a trainer. So their rates are pretty standard.

They have a limited number of long boards though so if you have your own, it’s best that you bring it. I had to wait an hour to be able to use a long board since there were a couple of people who got there before me. It’s not very crowded though.

I went there end of summer so the waves were pretty low, perfect for beginners to intermediate surfers. I think they were maybe just around 3  feet. But the regularity of the sets that came in were a lot better than at Baler, Aurora.

I have passed by this place a couple of times during the peak months, October-November, and I remember seeing really powerful waves so I know this place has much more to offer if you come at the right time :).

It’s really rocky though, so you always need to fall flat so that you don’t go too deep. And it’s best you jump off the board before you get too close to the shallow area.

Here are a couple more pics of the place :):

Surfing Calicoan Samar 2

Really rocky, this was on a low tide

Surfing Eastern Samar

Surfing Calicoan Samar 4

Calicoan Samar

Surfing Calicoan Samar 6

Surfing Samar

Surfing Calicoan Samar 8




So there you have it.

I’m definitely going back this semestral break (prolly late October or early November) to check out the waves when they’re at their peak. A couple of my friends have already signed on for the trip so I know that one’s gonna be really fun.

Surfs up everyone :).

You can find more pictures of my trip at: Leyte & Samar Surfing Trip FB Album.

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  1. Thirdy Lopez 7 August, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Dapat may surfing photo! 🙂

    • Malds 7 August, 2013 at 12:54 pm

      Lol meron, yung isa dun sa taas may mga nagsusurf, malayo nga lang kaya di makita. Kulang sa zoom camera ko haha. Wala rin pwede kumuha sakin nung nagsusurd ako haha kasi lowtide and malayo yung area na nadbrebreak yung waves. Didn’t want to risk the camera getting wet kung sakaling madapa yung kukuha haha.

      I need to get me a rugged cam tho para sa hiking and surfing pics hehe.

  2. Nors 13 August, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Wow, ganda pala talaga ang Guiuan. We almost visited that town when we vacationed in Llorente, where my husband was born. Guiuan is being touted as another great alternative to Boracay, with an airport already in the area waiting to be developed…

    • Malds 13 August, 2013 at 8:36 pm

      Yup, I’m really hoping that the airport opens soon so I can bring more of my friends there directly. And sayang di kayo nakadaan. It’s a great place to surf and to enjoy the beach. One side kasi of it has those really strong waves na great for surfing and the other side is facing a calmer sea kaya sobrang wala naman waves dun. Pili ka lang alin ang trip mo haha. The town is really nice din.

  3. andrexo 13 March, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Hi, I’m heading there next week, from Australia, I’ve only booked one night in Toclaban and want to move straight away to eastern Samar. Can I ask you if It’s better to rent a vehicle, car or motorbike, in Toclaban and drive to there? Or I’d better reach eastern Samar somehow and then find a rental vehicle to drive along the coast?


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