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Shape Up Boxing Gym is, in my opinion, the best gym in Baguio City. It is well maintained with a really friendly staff. It’s size is about three times larger compared to any other gym in Baguio. Complete equipment. It’s never too crowded even at peak hours like after work. It’s located in Cooyeesan Plaza Hotel, Naguilian Road. Traffic gets rough here at rush hours (7-9am and 5-6pm) so I suggest you drive early or right after these time ranges.

Shape Up Gym

shape Up Ring

Of course there’s the boxing facilities where Manny Pacquiao used to train. Boxing trainers here They also do other programs such as Crossfit and other circuit training workouts in this area.

 Again, the showers and locker room are very wide. If you’re like me who’s a bit conscious about personal space then don’t ask and just go to this gym. Other gyms in Baguio do not have this kind of facility.


Now let’s look at the rates.

Shape Up Boxing Gym Rates


Yikes! It’s very expensive relative to the low cost lifestyle in Baguio City. But think about the facilities and care that you’re given. When you factor all that in, then it’s well worth the money.

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Rj Armas

Rj Armas

RJ Armas is an entrepreneur. He's in IT and sells properties in Baguio City. He goes around places to manage his ventures. He believes that you can maintain top mental and physical state by exercising. He works out and does boxing here and there. You can get in touch with him through his facebook, google plus and linkedIn accounts.
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  1. Jen 31 May, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Would like to clarify that there are NO certified crossfit trainers employed in Shape Up Boxing. But there are two members there that are certified though, Contreras and Lumpias you can verify them here the other one is a Fil-Am so his add will be US Based

    What SUB or any Gym in Baguio for that matter are offering, are just Circuit Training and they are not qualified or knowledgeable to teach or instruct Crossfit!

    • Malds 2 June, 2014 at 4:12 pm

      Ayt, thanks for the very useful info Jen.

  2. Rubang, Adrianne B. 16 June, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    is the walk in anytime you want and can walk use all equipment in the gym or there are particular equipment only to be use.

  3. rubang adrianne 21 October, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    how’s the payment of the membership , can it be installment or is it a one time pay, and how much is the membership (inclusive of sauna and shower) thanks so much


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