Sembreak is almost here, just 2 more papers to go + future post plans


I just finished my last exam today. Surprisingly it wasn’t so hard. I’ve still got two papers due next week though and I haven’t started on any of them.

One is due Monday, that’s 48 hours from now, and it’s about taxation of online workers (freelancer writers, web designers, etc…). Figured since I was familiar with the industry I’d go with that topic. The second paper is due Thursday and it’s for my intellectual property class. I have no idea what I’ll be writing about for that one but since it’s a group paper, it shouldn’t give me too much trouble.

I should be able to finally get back to the gym by Tuesday after my first paper. Then if all things go well, I’ll see if I can start my foundations class for crossfit late next week. If not, then maybe I’ll just start on the first week of November after my pulag climb. I’m going back up again on the 2nd of November. Expect a couple of posts on these.

Once I start crossfit I plan to really make it my base workout and I’ll probably be ditching fitness first for real (I know I already said I would before but it’s just so close to my apartment that I end up not doing it lol). I’m thinking I’ll probably devote a whole section of this blog for a weekly crossfit round up. I’ll probably talk about the workouts I’ll be doing for the week and I “might” add my daily food intake for the week as well (if I can get myself to write all of them down).

So that should give me one post a week at least. And then I’ll probably just add a post or two more whenever I do or discover something interesting.

A couple of other things I’m looking to do and write about this sembreak are cycling classes, archery, maybe a bit of surfing if I have the time, diving lessons (and a license hopefully), and maybe a cleansing diet. We’ll see what I can make happen :).

So be sure to drop by every now and then to read my new posts. Or better yet, you can subscribe to this blog by typing in your email at the top right of this page.



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