Second to the last foundation day class


Just finished the second to the last foundations class for crossfit a couple of hours back. I was surprised that there were only 6 of us there considering how close we are to ending the classes. But most of us have fairly hectic schedules so I guess that’s to be expected. We’ll all probably be able to schedule our classes better once we become regulars because we get to choose the time we want to come in and work out.

Anyway, we did mostly cleans for the skill exercise. Coach reviewed the hanging clean form and then we proceeded to do the full clean where we started with the bar actually on the ground. Of course we didn’t work with bars yet, we used medicine balls when it came time to practice. I guess it’s better that way since we’re still working on our forms and using a medicine ball won’t be as stressful on our backs if we do the exercise incorrectly.

Here’s our WOD for today:

20 Mt. Climbers on a medicine ball

10 Sit ups with the medicine balls (we had to do an overhead raise once our upper body’s got up)

6 medicine ball cleans


Not that hard when you look at it but the lactic acid build up on my legs when I did this was something I didn’t expect. I guess it’s normal for me since I’m still a beginner.

Anyway, I did the Level 2 for this WOD which was 5 rounds and I finished in 9:20 minutes. Slow I know but at least I finished before the 10 minutes ran out so that’s good enough for me for now.

Our last crossfit foundations class workout will be this coming Sunday and I’m excited to see what they’ve got in store for us. It’s not going to be easy I’m sure hehe. That’ll be my last workout at Insurrecto for this year as well since I won’t be enrolling in the regular class this month. I’ll be starting in January since I’m flying home to Leyte on the 19th. I’ll enroll probably Jan 3 next year when I get back to Manila.

We’ll that’s it for today, my bed awaits me :).

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