What to expect at the Republic Wakeboarding Park in Nuvali


Me and some friends went to the Republic Wakeboarding Park in Nuvali, Laguna last Saturday and had a blast. I only slept 3 hours the night before but the last time I was on a wakeboard was around 6 years ago so I really enjoyed the experience and the adrenaline kept me up for most of the day despite how tired I knew I was.

I loved the feel of the place and how close it is to Manila, and I’m a 100% sure that I’ll be driving back there in the next month or two. I might just have found a new favorite place :).

How do you get to The Wakeboarding Park in Nuvali?

Most of you probably know where Nuvali is. You’ll pass through it if you’re traveling to Tagaytay and they have a lot of outlet and clearance stores in the area so it’s a popular shopping destination. But not everyone might know that there’s a Wakeboarding Park there as well.

The park is maybe 10 or 15 minutes away from the big Nuvali sign that you’ll see on the main road. As far as I know there are no public utility vehicles that go in (it’s inside a gated community) so you’ll have to bring a car to go there.

That might turn off some people who like or prefer to backpack for whatever reason, but for those who decide to go there anyway, it’s well worth the drive in my opinion.

For those that are interested in driving there, I got the map below from their website http://republ1cwakepark.com/.

Map to Nuvali Wakeboarding Republic

When we went there, we took Slex and then exited at Sta rosa. That’s the blue line if you use the map above.

Is it possible to commute to The wakeboarding Park? 

To be completely honest I’m not sure but I don’t think so. You can of course commute to Nuvali. Some of our friends weren’t able to ride with us because we left at like 8 or 9 am but they were still able to get to Nuvali by riding a bus to Sta Rosa Balibago and then taking a trike to Nuvali. We had to pick them up outside though.

I’m not aware of a shuttle that goes in and outside the community, I didn’t see one and from some brief googling, there doesn’t seem to be any.

So commuting is probably a no go, you’ll need your own service if you’re planning to go there. But at least you don’t have to worry about parking when you get inside.

What can you expect inside?

Once you get there you’ll instantly feel like you’re at the beach. Especially if it’s a really hot day.

It’s very windy because you’re in a really vast tract of land that, if not for the development, would just be full of tall weeds/grass/talahib/whatever they’re called.

You’re already pretty far from manila so the air is fresh and the wind is cold. So even on a hot day it’s very refreshing.

The first thing you’ll see is the parking lot and then a big building with a Republic sign in front of it. That’s where you’ll register, sign a waver and get your rented gear. They also sell clothes and wakeboarding stuff here if you’re interested.


Entrance to Republic Wakeboarding Nuvali


Wakeboarding Helmet

Wakeboarding Vest

Wakeboarding Clothes and gear

Inside First Building wakeboarding Nuvali


Beyond this building is the main wakebaording area. You’ll see a part of it to the left of the building and most of it when you go inside. The main pool is where the Pros are. Us noobs had to walk a bit further back lol. Of course there’s nothing stopping you from lining up here if you want to even if you’re new. But the prospect of failing in front of so many experienced folks didn’t appeal to us so we walked onward.




Here’s a quick clip of one of the wakeboarders in the main area.


After you go through the registration building you’ll find the bar to your right.

Wakeboarding Republic

The Bar at Nuvali Wakeboarding

After the bar area is the pool, and after that is a little palyground for kids, some 2 story open buildings where you can hangout, and the beginner area (this is where we were for most of the day lol).

Nuvali hangout buildings

Newbie area Republic Wakeboarding

Begginer area Wakeboarding Nuvali 2




FYI: Everyone stops at lunch because the people operating the machines have to eat. Since there’s nobody in the water, it’s open to anyone who wants to take a dip.




 Wakeboarding Rates

Rates were pretty decent actually. I was expecting to spend a bit more but two hours of wakeboarding ended up to be only around 470 pesos. You will have to pay a deposit though for your gear so we ended up initially paying over 1k each. But they’ll return the 800 peso deposit to you if you return the vest and helmet in the same condition you got it in.

Day Ride Rates (8:30 am – 5:30 pm)

1 hour  = 250

2 hours = 475

4 hours = 595

8 hours = 995

Night Ride Rates (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

1 hour = 350

2 hours = 600

4 hours = 800

Special Rates

Day and Night Pass = 1,750

1 week pass = 5,000

1 month pass = 15,000

6 months pass = 24,000

1 year pass = 55,000

Private cable rental (6:30 am – 8:30 am) = 5,000

Gear Rental

Vest/Helmet = 600

Wristband = 200

*So you’re refunded 800 pesos after your time. You just have to make sure that you don’t lose the piece of paper that they give you.


1 hour = 350

2 hours = 600

4 hours = 900

8 hours = 1,500

Day and Night = 2,000

*some of the rates on here might be different from the ones that they have over at their website http://republ1cwakepark.com/ridingrates.html. But I got these from the rates that they showed us when we got there. I’m assuming that these are more up to date.

*It’s also good to know that they let you ride for free if it’s your birthday. Just bring a birth cert some other ID that has your birthday on it.


That’s pretty much it. I think I’ve written down all the info I have of the place.

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you found it useful. Feel free to drop me a comment below if you have a question or two. Also I’d appreciate it if you liked, shared and tweeted the post as well :).

Find more and higher resolution pictures of my trip to Nuvali at my Facebook page: Nuvali FB Album.

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  1. Muning 10 April, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    Hey Malds,
    Nice blog you got here. Very helpful. One question tho, is the wakeboard rental included in the ride rates or it has to be rented separately?

    • Malds 11 April, 2014 at 2:32 am

      The boards are already included in the rates. They have a couple per pool (the beginners and the main one) that get rotated among the people lining up.

      You can rent a personal board tho (so you pay that on top of the regular ride rate) if you want one of their better boards all to yourself.


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