Reebok Fithub Concept Store Launches in the Philippines!


Reebok launched it’s Fithub Shop-in-shop inside Royal Sporting House at Glorietta 4 last thursday, 3/13/14. They invited a lot of bloggers, media people, and other personalities in the local fitness industry to the event. Luckily I somehow got invited as well lol.

The concept of their new store is the immersion of the customers into that raw feeling and experience of being surrounded by fitness, kind of like being in a gym, “the environment is raw, creative and innovative with customers being immersed in fitness as soon as they enter the store”.  And with the opening of their Fithub here in the Philippines we’ve become part of an evergrowing network of concept stores, which include USA, Russia, Korea and Dubai.

The Fithub will carry exclusively their premium footwear and apparel products featuring their latest technology which allows for greater performance and comfort.

The Reebok Fithub Launch

I arrived at the Glorietta a little early. I think I was already in the parking lot at around 9 am. My head was throbbing a bit though because I slept late so I went to Bo’s first to get me some much needed coffee.

The mall was still closed but they let me in when I told them I was headed to the Reebok event. When I arrived I registered, hung out at the back and just watched and waited with everyone else.





At around 10 am they finally started the program. They talked about what the Reebok brand stands for, showed us some really cool videos about their products and the fitness movement that they stand for, and finally introduced the Fithub concept to us.

Then it was time for the big reveal…






We finally got to see what the fithub  looks like :), yayyyy.




After the reveal they called in some of their guests to talk about some fitness classes and activities available in the metro. There was a raffle for a night stay at a hotel, a zumba demo, a bodyfit demo, and a bodycombat demo done as well.

All in all it was a really fun event. Got to see some notable people in the fitness industry and I’m happy to see so many people interested in the fitness lifestyle that Reebok advocates.

Oh and one of the best parts of the event was the give away hehe. They gave all of us their latest and most innovative running shoe the Z Fury. Will be posting about that one soon :).

That’s pretty much it for this post, here are more pictures of the Reebok Fithub Launch though.








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