Pre-climb meeting for Mt Apo done :)


UPDATE: Finished climbing Mt Apo, be sure to check out my post about it here: Mt Apo – Climbing the Highest Mountain in the Philippines.

Tuloy na talaga apo trip namin :).

I just came from our pre-climb meeting and paid half the fee for the trip. We’re set to go up on the 29th of March so we’ll be in Davao on the 28th.

There’ll be around 11 of us going up and all of them have more experience than me. So I really need to work on my stamina so I don’t drag any of them down.

I’ll be spending the whole 34 days till the climb building my stamina and my leg power. The trek isn’t supposed to be overly difficult (at least I’m told na kaya naman) but it is really long. First part is supposed to be really hot too since it’ll be an open treck.

There’s also a forest trail so we’re planning to do a day trek to prep for that some time next month. Some of us (me included) have never gone through a forest trail so we need the experience.

Here’s our itinerary:

Mt Apo itinerary

I’ve never done a 3 day hike before so it’ll be challenging. I’ll have to do a lot of research about the trail and about climbing in general.

I’m the most “noob” in the group so I need to make up with training and research.

If this one pushes through I’ll be able to cross off both my visit Mindanao and Mt Apo goal from my bucket list. Here are my goals for this year if you haven’t checked that page out yet:

My Yearly Bucket List

So yeah, really excited :).

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