Plana Forma – Great workout but it’s not for me


Doing Plana Forma is a great workout but I don’t think it’s for me. I tried it once, last year, because a friend invited me to give it a go and I was all sore after just one session. I’ll tell you why I didn’t continue doing Plana Forma later, but for now let’s talk about what it is exactly.

Plana Forma is a mix of yoga, Pilates and dance. It’s essentially 55 minutes of non-stop movement, which is kinda like what happens in cardio classes where there’s an instructor who does the movements and you copy it, but with forms and positions that are much much harder to do. The movements workout all the major muscle groups but I did notice that there’s a lot of emphasis on your ab muscles, your back, and your buttocks. So there’s a lot of core exercises involved here.

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As a guy coming from a weight lifting background, the exercises we did were very difficult for me. The muscles they target are the ones that most guys neglect. We usually focus more on our chest muscles, arms, and shoulder muscles because we’re all so vain ;).

So the Plana Forma session really got me sweating and my core muscles were really sore the day after the workout. A couple of times during the workout I had to take breaks actually because I couldn’t hold the position and continue the movement. Really embarrassing being one of the only 4 guys during that class (we all went together, nagka-hatakan hehe).

Another thing about Plana Forma is that they have leveled classes. Meaning beginners will take beginners classes, people who’ve been working out there longer will take harder classes and so on. So there’s progression which is good because the fitter you become, the more challenging the workouts will be.

Here’s a quick look into what Plana Forma is all about (first three minutes):


So yeah, it’s a great workout and it’s fun to do. It’s also quick because you only spend 55 minutes doing the workout so it doesn’t take a lot out of your schedule. It’s perfect for anyone who’s looking for a quick fix.

So why did I not continue to do it?

Plana Forma Rates killed it for me

It’s not that it was challenging, I actually feel that I could have gotten used to the workouts after a month or so plus I always get motivated by physically challenging things.

The main reason I stopped was because of the cost of Plana Forma sessions. I know all things that are good come with an equivalent price tag but this was just a little too high for me right now.

The per session rate of Plana Forma is 650 pesos. If it’s your first time this’ll be worth 2 sessions. At least that’s how it worked last year, I don’t think they changed this though.

They also have packaged rates which are a bit cheaper:

5 Sessions:                         2,900

10 Sessions:                       5,300

20 Sessions:                       10,200

So yeah, it’s a bit pricy. But don’t get me wrong, I would still pay that much probably if this was the type of thing that I loved doing. If I enjoyed dance, yoga, or pilates for example I can see myself being drawn to Plana Forma despite the price tag. But I’m just not.

I’m really more of a weights guy and I plan to invest my time and money more into that and martial arts later on. I do plan to do yoga and Pilates, but not as regular as I would do other stuff. And dance… ummm… probably not.

I remember one of the things that was going through my mind after paying for the class was that I could use this money to pay for 2 boxing sessions at elrode gym which would last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours each. And I’d still have some extra to tip my trainer.

And now that I’m doing CrossFit, or rather now that I’ll be doing it as a regular member next month (i’m still recovering from my sprain) I’ve got my fitness class fix settled already. I’m really more used to just working out by myself at the gym or with a trainer when I box, so I was interested in the “class” experience. But like I said, I’ve got that settled with CrossFit and the workouts they do are really more my style.

It’s still a great workout though so if you feel that this is the type of workout you enjoy doing, you should definitely give it a go.

Plana Forma Fort

If you’re interested in giving it a try, you should visit their studio at Fort Bonifacio. Actually this is another reason why Plana Forma didn’t work for me. When I tried this I was living in katipunan, in front of Ateneo de Manila and I didn’t have a car. So I either had to get someone who has a car to workout with me or I had to take a cab every time I wanted to workout. Medyo magastos na talaga sya if I did that. Now I live in Manila but it’s still pretty far from Fort so the transpo problem is still there.

Here’s a map of the Plana Forma Fort area in case you’re interested in visiting the studio:

Plana Forma Fort

6th Floor, Jecoprime Building, 20th Drive, Mc Kinley Business Park, Fort Bonifacio 1634, Philippines. Cell # +63 917 809 4392, Tel. # 02 5530870

You’ll find the cell and telephone numbers in the caption above so you can call them if you’ve got questions that you want answered directly. Or you can head on over to their site at Forma Asia to do some more reading about the classes.

If Plana Forma is for you, then I hope you enjoy it and I hope it produces great results for you :). Sadly, it just wasn’t for me.

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