Beat the Philippine Heat with the adidas Climacool Revolution


It can get insanely hot here in the Philippines and it’s not just during the summer season.  We get intermittent heat waves all throughout the year as well.

So for people who are always working out or for those who are looking to be a bit more physically active on the regular, it’s important to constantly be on the lookout for gear that can keep you cool.

The correct gear for our type of climate should keep you injury-free, improve your performance, and reduce the risk of anything that can become detrimental to your health.

This is where Adidas comes in with Climacool. Their cool (pun intended) line-up of gear that keeps you dry and comfortable while working out is exactly what you need to beat the heat here in the Philippines.

For their most recent highlight, Adidas presents 360° ventilation running experience with the latest Climacool running shoe, the Climacool Revolution.

climacool revolution

It doesn’t only keep you cool, it even looks cool (again, pun intended)

The Adidas Climacool Revolution is a great set of shoes for both regular and casual runners. It’s perfectly adapted to the type of weather we have here in the Philippines because it provides a unique 360° ventilation running experience which reduces thermal stress and discomfort during workouts and results in increased running performance.

Unlike most running shoes today that also provide a similar benefit (that mesh design on the upper sides of the shoe that lets air in), the Adidas Climacool Revolution takes it to another level. It has new ventilation channels across the outsole and the use of Climacool® material on the upper of the shoe help sweat to evaporate. In addition, the COOLEVER lining, a special clover-shaped yarn, keeps the foot cool, dry and comfortable during the run.

Cooling Revolution technology

Cooling technology at its best right there 🙂


adidas climacool

So now that you know all about the Adidas Climacool Revolution Running Shoe, want to see it in action?

Have a look at one of the best football players, David Beckham, as he cools the world in Climacool Revolution.

You’ll notice in the video that while David Beckham runs, everyone else is doing their best to beat the unbearable summer heat. The scene is oddly familiar isn’t it? Does it remind you anything?

Yup, you’re right.  It’s just like how summers are here in the Philippines. Bright and sunny, perfect for the beach weather, but exceedingly hot and humid as well.

Just like David Beckham, you’re going to need the right kind of cooling gear to stay at your best and keep in shape in our kind of climate.

So join the Climacool® Revolution and be sure to check out this new Adidas Climacool® shoe.

It’s available as of April 2013 in Adidas Sport Performance stores and other sports retailers nationwide with a recommended retail price of PHP 6,895.

For more information about Adidas and their products, you can check out these links:

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