Mount Batulao Day Hike – Traverse


Me and my friends did a Mount Batulao traverse last Sunday (Nov 10, 2013) just a couple days after Yolanda hit. It was a very windy day, but it didn’t rain thankfully and the traverse was a successful one :).

We had some newbie climbers with us as well but the trek was easy enough that we were all able to finish it with no problems.

For anyone interested in doing a new – old trail traverse like we did, here are some things that you might want to keep in mind:

  1. We commuted to Nasugbu. You can get on a bus at the station at the old Coastal Mall. Just tell the conductor that you’re heading to Mt. Batulao so they can drop you off at Evercrest. Bus fee is around 102 pesos.
  2. You’ll be dropped off at an area na may rotonda. There’ll be a some karinderias here and a lot of tricycles.
  3. You’ll find guides here as well. Guide fee should only be around 300 pesos I’m told. We didn’t get one because they were charging us 600 but two people from our group had already done the Mount Batulao trek a couple of times so they were confident that we’d be ok without a guide. I suggest you get one though.
  4. You can ride a tricycle to the drop off point for the trek, fee should be 20 pesos per person.
  5. Ascent will take around 2 hours, and decent will take 1 & 1/2 hours to 2 hours depending on your group’s speed.
  6. You will have to register near the top, I think it was 25 pesos per person.
  7. There are people who sell buko, mountain dew, and Halo-halo… yes you heard me right halo halo, along the way.
  8. You’ll also find red horse and some other alcohol at some sari-sari stores along the trail. See pictures below.

Things you need to bring or to prepare for a Mount Batulao climb:

  1. Sunblock, a hat, and whatever else you’ll need to protect your skin from direct sunlight.
  2. Water, but not too much (para di mabigat) since it’s a short trek.
  3. Hiking shoes or sandals
  4. mess kit (we ate lunch just before the summit)
  5. trail food
  6. toiletries
  7. It’s not that cold so you won’t need layered clothing like with Pulag or Apo.
  8. raincoat just in case it pours
  9. and a first aid kit for emergencies

If it’s just a day trek you won’t need tents and cooking sets.

After our climb we headed back to the place where we got off the bus. You can find houses here that will let you take a bath for a fee (20 or 25 ata). Then there should also be buses here that go back to Manila. But we wen’t to Tagaytay first to eat dinner and took a bus there back to Manila.

That’s pretty much it. This is considered a minor climb so if you’ve gone up Mt Pulag or any other major climb then this should be pretty easy for you.

Now for the pictures 🙂 :

Mount Batulao


The group

Mga kasama ko umakyat

Mt batulao trail

Mount Batulao longer trail

Mount batulao peak 1

Me on peak 1





Top of Mount Batulao

Mpountain dew at the top



jumphot din pag may time



Masaya kasi bagong ligoIMGP5801

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