Looking forward to an AWESOME week, here’s my Itinerary!!!


Just got back from resorts world where me and my family along with my tito and tita’s family had dinner to celebrate my older brothers passing the bar (ang haba ng sentence na to). It was an awesome dinner, sobrang busog, and we’re all proud of my Kuya.

I was supposed to sleep already but I can’t help but be all giddy and excited for next week so I decided to write this post. I’ve got a lot of things lined up and I’m looking forward to each activity.

Let me break down everything I’m doing.

3/23/2013: I’m buying myself a DSLR. Finally getting into photography hehe. I need better pictures for my blog and I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have a lot more trips lined up so I decided that it was high time I took my own pictures.

I’m getting a Pentax K-X FYI. Getting it for 15500 from a guy on TipidPc. It’s brand new, if you’re curious.

3/24/2013: Heading to Laguna to join the GK Bayani challenge. I was supposed to leave today but because we had the dinner for kuya I couldnt. I’ll be catching up on Sunday along with some other friends.

Really excited to help out, to make new friends, and to hangout with a lot of inspiring people.

This is the first time that me and my group (Initiatives for Social Action) are joining the Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge so we’re all looking forward to this.

3/28/2013: Flying to Davao to climb the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt Apo. The climb actually starts on the 29th, we’ll be in Digos by then. It’s a 3 day trek total (including the descent).

4/1/2013: We go down from Mt Apo. We’re planning to go to Samal Island and hit the beach before my friends fly back to Manila. I’m staying for an extra 2 days though to catch up with some friends from Davao.

I’ll be drinking with an old friend in the evening, I can already taste the cold beer. I just know it’s gonna be awesome since I’ll be really tired by then.

4/2-3/2013: Davao exploring time. I’m staying an extra two days so I can see everything to see in Davao (well probably not everything since it’s just two days). I might meet up with some friends as well but for the most part I plan to do a lot of sight seeing.

Dunno where I’ll be staying but I’ll worry about it when I’m there hehe. I’ll prolly just look for some cheapo bed and breakfast place if I can’t crash at anyone’s house.

4/4/2012: Flying back to Manila :(. All good things have to end lol but I’m sure I can find something exciting to do when I get back. Oh yeah, me and my friends are planning to finally start learning Jiu Jitsu next month. I guess I won’t be too sad to leave Davao then :).

Well, yun lang. Just wanted to write about my week. Had to get it out hehe.

Enjoy the summer everyone, I’m certainly going to :):):):):):).

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  1. theamexguy 25 March, 2013 at 12:00 am

    a very busy schedule indeed. have fun!


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