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TipidPC is an info/buy and sell forum for all things tech. It’s one of the biggest locally and might even be THE biggest if we only look at forums dedicated to gadgets and PCs (sites like sulit might be bigger but they also sell a lot of other stuff that TipidPC doesn’t).

I’m currently browsing the local buy and sell sites for a new Macbook Pro because my old (2007) one is slowly but surely dieing on me. I’m using it right now to write this post but it took me close to 30 minutes just to turn it on. Sometimes it just doesn’t proceed to the apple white screen with the apple logo during boot up. Other times the screen just goes black after a couple of seconds of booting.


I found a brand new 13 inch macbook pro on TipidPC that’s selling for only 48K and that’s just what I need. It’s fast enough for my needs and much cheaper than the ones being sold at the Mac outlets at the mall. I left a message for the seller and if everything goes well, I might buy it next week.

But I’ve been a TipidPC user for years now so I know what to look for and how to find the sellers that I know are selling legit stuff. Most people are a bit wary of buying stuff online though. I know how it feels because I used to be like that. So for those of you who want to buy something at TipidPC but want to make sure that you’re not getting scammed, you’ll find the tips below useful. Mabuti na maging sigurita diba?

TipidPC is safe enough in my opinion

TipidPC is just like sulit, ayosdito and the other loacl buy and sell forums where you contact the seller and you meet up to exchange the item and the money. Unlike sites like Amazon, TipidPC doesn’t guarantee that all their sellers are “safe” to buy from. With Amazon, any complaint because of a malfunctioning or defective item will result in Amazon intervening if the seller doesn’t refund the buyer. If it’s an issue of cash return, as I understand Amazon policy, they’ll refund your money themselves (Amazon) if the Amazon merchant is giving you problems. They’ll be the one to run after the seller. They kind of act like insurance companies this way.

With TipidPC though, like all the other buy and sell forums, this type of guarantee isn’t there. You have to fend for yourself. BUT if you know how to pick the right sellers then you should still be able to shop here without any fear of being scammed or buying defective stuff. I’ve been using TipidPC for years and I’ve only once bought an item that wasn’t original. And that was only because the seller himself didn’t know that it was a fake. He of course agreed to return my money when I told him that I didn’t want the item anymore.

How to pick the right seller

  1. When you search for an item on TipidPC, the search results are usually ranked with the newest posts at the top. This makes it easier for you to pick the ones that haven’t been sold yet or the ones that for sure are still in the market. If it’s a really popular item like a Macbook for example, you’ll find lots of sellers that update their posts daily so that they’ll always be at the top. If it’s a rare one though, you’ll sometimes find posts that are months or even a year old on the first page. Try to pick the latest post because that tells you that it hasn’t been sold yet.
  2. On the search results you’ll also be able to see how much the item for sale is. So you’ll easily be able to get an approximation of the average price for the item. Most of the sellers won’t have that much of a price differens for the same item. It’ll usually be a lot cheaper than the outlet store price because the sellers on TipidPC don’t have to pay for rent (no brick and mortar store, for most of them anyway). If you find a seller that’s priced the item much lower than the others, he’s either rushing to sell it or the item is second-hand (you might also want to message him/her and ask why it’s cheap if it’s not indicated). They’ll indicate it in their post if the item they’re selling is brand new or second-hand so make sure you read their posts. If it’s not mentioned in there, then message the seller and ask him/her.
  3. The next thing I look at is feedback. Not just the feedback rating of the seller but the number of people who’ve given him good ratings as well. If I’m buying something that’s expensive, I also like to look at the comments  on their feedback. Make sure the seller has no negative feedback and a lot of positive ones. The more positive feedback he/she has the better. If there’s no feedback that usually means the seller is new and has never sold anything. It’s best to avoid these sellers unless you have no other choice.
  4. Once I find a seller, I usually ask questions about the warranty of the item. A lot of the sellers there give them and are actually official/accredited distributors of the items so they’ll be able to give you the regular warranty.
  5. If I’m buying a second-hand item I like to ask for pictures of the actual item, not just the ones you’ll find on the net. If there are any problems with it like scratches or fading color, I ask the seller for pictures of those so I can decide if it’s substantial enough to put me off.  Oh and for second-hand stuff, make sure you ask if it’s still under warranty from the store the seller bought it from and ask for the receipt just in case you need to turn it in.
  6. The seller usually already has designated meetup places so make sure to check those out before you buy from him. It’s always nice if the meetup place is somewhere you feel comfortable in like a mall. I like to do meetups at coffee shops because that makes me feel safer.
  7. If the seller isn’t from Manila or if you aren’t from Manila and you can’t do meetups, make sure to only buy from people who have A LOT of positive feedback. Because they’ll probably ask you to deposit the money in their account first before they send you the item. I’ve bought a couple of items this way and I’ve never had any problems so far.
  8. And finally once I’m sure of an item and all my questions have been answered, I tell the seller that I want to inspect/test it out during the meetup before I buy it. My last message before the meetup usually goes something like this “If there’s no problem with the item after I test it out, I’ll buy it then and there.” This way the seller can’t complain if I decide to not buy the item if something turns me off. It’s not happened yet though :).

We’ll that’s it. Hope I’ve been able to help those who are thinking of buying something from TipidPC. It really is a great community to discuss anything tech related and I think it’s the best place to buy lower priced gadgets. Once you get used to the meet-up type of transaction, you’ll probably never buy gadgets at the mall again. I never do anymore. I just window shop at the mall for gadgets and once I find something I like, I get it at TipidPC.

Be sure to check the site out at

If you’ve got any questions or comments just leave them bellow. I’ll try to reply to them as soon as I can.

Happy shopping :).

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