Apr 17, 2013

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How to unlock your Smart bro, Globe tattoo or Sun broadband USB Dongle or Pocket Wifi

My post about Smart vs Globe internet has been getting a LOT of views and comments so I thought I’d write a related post. Figured people might find the tool I used to unlock my usb dongle and pocket wifi useful.

This really isn’t going to be very long since this isn’t a tech blog and I don’t want it to become one hehe. So I’ll just be mentioning what I used to unlock my devices with links to the site where you can download the app.

They already have really good video tutorials on their site so there’s no need for me to make another one.

So here it goes.

Smart bro, Globe tattoo or Sun broadband USB Dongle or Pocket Wifi Unlocking Tool

The tool I used is called DC unlocker. You can download it here:


What does unlocking my smart bro, Globe tattoo or Sun Broadband do?

Unlocking your usb or pocket wifi device makes it an openline device.

If you got your device from any one of the the three networks, then it’s probably locked to that network only. Meaning it’s not going to accept any other sim card.

Unlocking it or making it into an openline device basically removes that restriction. So once it’s done, you can now use it to connect to the internet using any sim card.

Is it free?

No. The App download itself is free but you cant unlock your device without credits. The App will let you identify your device but you’re going to need credits to unlock it.

So you’ll need a credit card, a paypal account or a money brookers account if you want to use this device. They have other options as well, just check their site.

Should I try to unlock my device myself or should I pay someone else to do it for me?

If you’re techy enough you can probably work out how to use this device and unlock your own devices and your friends. Heck you can even charge other people and maybe start a business with this lol.

If you do the math, you’ll be spending less money unlocking your devices yourself rather than having it unlocked at one of the stalls in green hills or at some malls.

What’s cool about learning how to do this yourself is that you can unlock the other devices that you’ll buy in the future yourself. That should save you some cash.

If you’re not confident in your tech skills though, you might as well pay someone else to do it. The process isn’t difficult but there are just some people (I know a lot of them) who don’t mix well with technology. That’s fine.

Kung di kaya, wag na pilitin.

How much will unlocking my device cost?

Each device will cost a certain number of credits to unlock. 1 Credit costs 1 Euro. Just head on over to their site to check how much your device will cost.

Also, and I’m not very sure about this because my memory is fuzzy, I think the free dc unlocker app also tells you how many credits are needed to unlock your device once it’s able to identify it.

How do you use it?

I refer you to the tutorials on their site:


No need for me to make another one. These are comprehensive enough.

If you have any questions, you can head on over to their forum:


They’ll be better able to answer your questions so wag na ako yung tanongin lol.

Coz I unlocked both my Globe USB dongle and Globe Pocket wifi early last year and I can’t really remember the process anymore hehe. So I might need to look up their tutorials again once I unlock my next device (I don’t plan on getting a new one anytime soon though).

Is there a free version of DC-unlocker?

I have seen some cracked ones online but I can’t remember where. But from the comments I read, a lot of them don’t work anymore. Just Google for those if that’s what you’re after.

So yeah, that’s it. Good luck unlocking your device and please like my Facebook page below if you found this post useful :). Thanks.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Hi, tested na po ba ito? kasi baka may side effect to na baka masira na ung pocket wifi then dahil wala na sa warranty papagawa pa siya ng mas mahal. Pangit kasi signal ng Smart wifi dito sa area namin, ang malakas na signal is Sun so I want to unlock it. And may effect po kaya un na kapag Sun ang ginamit kong sim card sa smart pocket wifi is hndi ganun kabilis. TIA

    • Hey katherine, yup I’ve done this to two of my devices, a dongle and a usb wifi. Medyo kelangan nga lang may konting techy knowledge ka to get it to work. So if you wanna try it make sure mag basa basa ka muna sa site nila and forums nila. May mga videos din ata on how to do it so you might want to watch those din.

      If feeling mo di mo kaya on your own, you might want to just have it unlocked. Medyo mapapamahal ka ngalang ng konti depending on where you have it unlocked.

      Also re the switching to sun question, dahil malakas signal does not necessarily mean magiging mabilis ang internet although it does help. Kelangna mo pa din talaga i test. So I can’t really say na mabilis ang sun sa area nyo.

      Ang maganda nga lang pag ma unlock mo device mo is pwede ka mag switch between all three networks para makahanap ng pinakamabilis. Or kung nagloloko yung isang network (which happens to all three from time to time) pwede mo palitan simcard. Ako I don’t really use sun pero I switch between globe and smart.

  2. can we use normal globe simcards to globe tattoo broadbands?

    • Yup, you cna use normal cards. There’s not much difference between of the the tattoo cards and the normal phone simcards (for the prepaid ones at least). They just have a different print at the back.

  3. hello po, ask lang po ako kung pwede ko po bah mapalitan yung normal smart sim card ko to smart LTE sim sa pocket wifi?nka plan po kasi ako ng 999 sa normal na smart sim. sobrang hina po kasi tlga nong inavail ko sa area nmin..hindi kayanin kahit voice call lang.

    • hmmm im not entirely sure. Feeling ko pwede naman, pero I doubt you’d be able to use LTE on a normal pocket wifi. You’d need to get the LTE device. The most na magagawa ng LTE sim mo on a regular device would still just be 3g and 2g lang. And kung mahina na sya to begin with, switching sims wont change anything.

  4. Thanks a lot for this tip, bro! I will try it tonight on my Sun Pocket Wifi. Hopefully it’ll work. :) I’ll post an update kapag success so others can get a heads-up too.

    • Good luck. Make sure updated yung app. Last time i did this was a year agobut i still get regular emails from the company so i think its still working. Its a bit tricky to learn if your not used to these kinds of things but it becomes real easy to replicate after doing it once :).

  5. Hi! Can I use normal sim card (non broadband sim card) to pocket wifi?

  6. Hi there. Im using a smart bro pocket wfi. But the speed is slow. When i download torrents the fastest speed i get is 20kbps. Any suggestions on how to speed it up?

    • Hey Lali, I’ve been using smart the past couple of days and during the day torrent speed is pretty slow. In my experience it’s usually past 1 am to like 8 or 9 am that I get the fastest speeds. So for most of the big files that I download, I just que them overnight on my torrent. I can usually get at least 40 – 60 kbps on average but from time to time I also breach 100kbps and have even seen it go up to as high as 200kbps. But it’s not consistent.

      There’s really not much you can do on your end to speed up the connection to be honest. Other than getting a good signal and making sure that it’s set to connect to only 3g or 4g (if you have it). It all boils down to location and I’m assuming congestion of network (which I’m assuming is why it’s faster during the really early hours of the day since not many people use the network at that time).

    • Hi Lali,

      Torrent ports and connections are actually filtered by telecom providers therefore speeds are throttled– the reason why you’re getting speeds like that. Smart and Sun has been known for doing this activity for a long time, and recently, Globe implemented one which blasted criticism from loyal subscribers over social media.

      Downloading torrents via 3G/LTE is not encouraged as it affects other subscribers within the same area. This is generally the bottom line of all our network’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

  7. ray tuballes says:

    Hi,there ask ko LNG panu or san nakakabili Ng WiFi dongle Para smart tv na Samsung KC d ko CIA makonek Sa net sayang LNG kung di ko KC magamit thanks….

    • Hi Ray. Wala ba kayong normal wifi sa bahay? kasi that would work already. If wala, then you’re going to need a pocket wifi or as you said, a wifi dongle. Pero better ang pocket wifi kasi you don’t need to attach it to a PC or laptop para magamit. Cost siguro is around 3k to 4k. You can get one at any of the smart/globe centers. I believe they sell them. Pero you can also find them at random computer/cellphone/gadget shops sa malls. They’re not that difficult to find na.

      Or if you prefer to buy them online or if you’re looking for a cheaper second hand one or one na naka unlock na, try TipitPC.

  8. Hi sir Malds,

    Recently, I bought a Huawei E583c pocket wifi, and can’t figure out on how to use it (load wise). You, as an experienced one on this, can you please help me, i am curently using globe prepaid sim. Do I still have to avail the unli surfings they offer or just regular load?

    Thank you, and hoping for a reply. :)


    • Hi Wenn,

      You can’t do normal loading through a card on a pocket wifi since it doesn’t allow you to dial the pin numbers. What you’ll have to do is either get auto/pasaload or you can switch the globe sim to a phone, then load using a card and switch the sim back to the pocketwifi again.

      To get unlisurf, you can head to the browser dashboard of your pocketwifi. to log in to the pocketwifi just type on your browser and it should take you there. You should know your password, it’s prolly in your manual. Once you input the password and are logged in, click the “SMS” button on the upper part of the dash. Go to “write SMS”, and you use tthis how you’d normally write a text.

      To subscribe to supersurf for globe, just type “8888” on the number tab and “supersurf50″ (for daily unli) on the content box.

      Hope this works for you :).

  9. indaydaly says:

    Hi Malds, can we use these unlocked dongles with an international smartphone such as the U.S. AT&T or Verizon? Thanks for posting this, i’m trying to figure out a way to get connection while traveling the philippines.

    • If you mean will unlocked US AT&T/Verizon phone/dongle/pocket wifi work here if they’re unlocked? Yes they will. Once you unlock them they become generic devices basically. Then just switch a local sim into em and they should work fine.

      I’m not entirely sure if that’s what you wanted to ask. I might not be reading the question correctly tho.

      If you’re asking if a dongle can be used with a smart phone, well… no they can’t. They can only be plugged in to a usb (pc/laptop). You can’t connect them to a phone. If you have a pocket wifi tho you can use the wifi to connect to the net through your phone.

      • indaydaly says:

        Thanks Malds, yes you understood the question correctly. Next question, will the local phone need a load? Will the U.S. phone need a data plan? salamat gid.

        • hello again, yup the local phone will need load. The sim cards you can buy, pretty much anywhere, are all prepaid. You’d need to go to a globe/smart/sun store if you wanna get a plan (which you’re free to do as well if you want).

          Re the second question, it’s not going to matter if it was a phone with a plan in the US or a prepaid one once it’s unlocked. If it was a plan phone in the US, the plan will still be attached to the US sim card. If it were still locked to a particular US network you wouldn’t be able to put in a local prepaid sim card. But once it’s unlocked, it’ll work for any sim card of any network, whether plan or prepaid.

          Oh and depending on your location internet speed here in the phil can differ a LOT.

          • if you do end up using a prepaid sim, you might be interested in googling either unlisurf for SMART or supersurf for GLOBE. they’re the prepaid surfing promos that we have here. It’s much much cheaper in the long run to use em than just letting your credits burn away per hour.

  10. Will I be able to use the Smart LTE sim card on 3g pocket wifi?

    • hey Elsa, i think pretty much all the LTE sims are the micro ones so most people think it’s not gonna work unless you’re using a 4g pocketwifi coz of the fit issue.

      I have one and use it on my 3g pocket wifi tho, so yes it can work even if you’re using a pocket wifi with the big (old) slim slot. You just need to make sure that the nodes on the pocketwifi slot connect with the right slots. So you might have to do a bit of testing to get this one right. There’ll be a lot of adjusting then turning the device on and off to see if the devices sees the sim. It becomes real easy tho ones you’ve memorized the correct adjustment.

      The mini/micro sims as far as i know are designed pretty much the same way as the big ones. They just took out the extra plastic on the sides to make it smaller. I’ve even seen some shops with special clippers that cut the big sims so they can fit in micro slots for the new phones.

      You’re obviously not gonna get 4g speeds tho since it’s a device limitation.

  11. Dianne Zamora says:

    Good day sir. I have my globe pocket wifi na kasama sa plan na kinuha ko. Disconnected na siya since last month. Gusto ko pa din sana magamit yung pocket wifi ko , pwede bang maging prepaid yon? Or madami pang dapat gawin para maconvert siya at magamit ko ulit as prepaid na lang? Thank you :)

    • Hi dianne, yup pwede. Pa open line (unlock) mo lang then salpakan mo ng prepaid na simcard. Im not sure kung ano yung effect ng pagpapaopenline ng device sa previous plan mo tho. But since na mention mo that the plan has been disconnected then im assuming that you already own the device in which case, wala dapat repercusion kung ipa openline mo sya.

  12. hi sir. i have just unlocked my globe tatoo huawei e5220s-2. i got the signal but cant connect. i tried to change the profile settings. but as i see there are some few options that werent there in an unlocked driver. so i cant connect to sun. could you please help me what to do?

    • Hey marlowe, could you take a screen capture (print screen) of the settings so I know what’s happening. I wanna see what the additional options you’re saying are. If you post pics of the settings here I might be able to help you out.

  13. sir bakit ayaw ma detect? ito po yiung nakasulat
    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.0460

    Detecting card :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei datacards
    model – Auto detect

    card not found !

    • Hi James, san mo na download yung dc unlocker “2”? Dito ka mag download ng client bro, https://www.dc-unlocker.com/downloads. Parang di naman ata nagreleas ang dc unlocker site ng version 2 for their client. Wala ako makita sa website nila. Nakuha mo cguro yan sa ibang site.

      Baka kasi either old or unsupported model yung na download mo na client kaya di madetect ang device mo. Ang latest version ng client nila bro dc-unlocker client 1.00.1125. Baka really old model yung nakuha mo.

  14. Hindi rin madetect yung SUN dongle ko. Tsaka dinownload ko yung client sa site nila may nakalagay talaga na “2”.

    any tips?


    • hmmmm, check mo muna kung makakadownload ka ng updates for the app. Then check mo kung ano yung model ng device mo. Usually makikita mo sya sa likod ng dongle mo.

      Then try manually looking for the model, wag mo i auto detect. See if you can find your model that way.

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