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Weight loss isn’t actually that difficult to understand as a concept. It’s just that most people aren’t ever told what the concept is or they’re only shown one side of the coin which is why there are so many misconceptions that lead to unnecessary frustrations.

So with this post I’ll try my very best to clarify the whole weight loss process in the simplest possible way I can. That or I might confuse you a bit more. Let’s see what happens lol.

The two sides of a coin

The two main forces at play when it comes to weight loss are:

  1. Your calorie intake
  2. The calories you burn

Let’s start with calorie intake.

weight loss facts

We eat food which is composed of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. We use the food to keep our bodies working properly. They are our source of energy (the first three being the most important calorie wise).

We measure this energy in calories. So when you think of food, imagine it being a lump of calories. Some are more concentrated than others (think chicharon and chocolate cake), it all depends on the composition of the food.

Now we move on to calories burned

I like to divide calories burned into two categories, the first are the calories burned by our body for the maintenance of life. By this I mean that we burn calories even without any external or intentional movement.

You could be sitting down the whole day and you’d still be burning calories.


Because your heart keeps beating, your lungs keep moving, your digestive system is working, etc… These are pretty much the things that are beyond your will to control.

The second group are the calories burned through movement and exercise. These include calories burned by walking, working out, climbing the stairs etc…. This we can control and increase or decrease based on how active or sedentary we are.

The combination of these two equates to your total calories burned.

Now here’s how both of these affect your weight loss efforts

Let’s say that in one day you burn 2000 calories (both maintenance of life functions plus extra physical activity).

So that’s a total of 2000 calories that we need per day worth of food. If we consume that much calories, then we won’t gain weight nor will we lose it.

We maintain.

Now if you want to lose weight, what do you have to do?

Create a deficit.


Two things:

  1. Eat less so that you create a deficit in the above scenario
  2. or Exercise a bit more so that you also create a deficit but without having to reduce the amount of food you eat

That’s pretty much it for weight loss actually.

This is the concept behind why people diet and why people exercise.

This also explains why people still don’t lose weight even when they diet or even when they exercise. Maybe, they’re not doing enough of it to create a deficit. Or maybe their dieting/exercise is being offset by a lack or an excess of the other.

The all popular number when it comes to calorie watching is “supposedly” 3500 calories. That’s how much deficit you have to create over time in order to lose a pound of weight.

Now how accurate your measurements are, or the number of calories you burn according to your machine, will be questionable at best. So just use those numbers as an estimate. Don’t expect accurate weight loss statistics.

There are too many factors in play on top of the two main ones I mentioned here that will affect your weight loss efforts. Things like genetics, your body’s adjustment to your exercise, inaccurate labeling on foods, and so on will impact your weight loss efforts in a subtle or prominent way. It’s different for everyone so just try to find what works for you.

Anyway, hope that clears up some things for the weight watchers.

If you’ve got questions, suggestions, tips, or if you just want to say hi, leave a comment below. đŸ™‚

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