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Fitness Edge equipment
Fitness Edge defines accessibility when it comes to workout places in Baguio. When you’re living in Baguio, you’ll realize that SM is pretty much at the heart of everything since it is the only definitive mall located in this city.



The equipment area is quite limited like most gyms located in malls. But there’s the two activity areas that are quite spacious compared to their usage. The one below where circuit training and martial arts lessons are done and the one above where yoga, spinning and other dance lessons are done.


The best part of this gym is the view. The image above is what you will see every time you workout, how cool is that? (except when its foggy of course) And let me tell you it really does help in your workout routine especially when you are in the boring hamster wheel.

Rates at Fitness Edge Baguio

fitness Edge rates

The prices are not expensive either if you include the transportation savings that you will incur when you can just walk from your work to where you can go after you finish your workout.

Fitness Edge Location (Map)

Fitness Edge Map

Address: 3rd Floor, Sunset Deck Terrace, SM Baguio, Baguio City

Phone Number: (074) 446 8892

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