Don’t fall for the “See who viewed your Profile” Spam on Facebook


Fell for this spam thing the other day so I thought I’d spread the word about it. Maybe I can keep someone from falling for it like I did.

It all started when a friend of mine tagged me in an app that supposedly allows you to see who has viewed your profile. I was curious so I clicked.

It asked me to do some keyboard commands, “ctrl+c” type stuff. I can’t remember exactly what they were¬† except that there were three of them. Then it also asked me to allow Instagram to access my account.

I’ve never used Instagram prior to this point and figured since it’s using a fairly popular app like Instagram, then this “see who viewed your profile” thing might be legit, so I allowed it.

The next thing that happened was it asked me to answer a survey. It said that I wouldn’t be able to see the results unless I answer some surveys.

Now I’m way too too lazy to answer these types of things so I cancelled the whole process then and there.

But the spam had apparently worked its magic while I was going through the process. Even if I didn’t finish the whole thing, the app had already created an Instagram album in my pictures section with multiple pictures (over 20 pics were created) and I think all my contacts were tagged in them.

So I unwittingly helped the SPAM spread.

Luckily a friend of mine sent me a message informing me that the thing was SPAM. I wasn’t really sure at first what happened.

So I went to my my pictures and deleted the whole Instagram album.

I figured since all my contacts were tagged in the pictures, if I deleted all of them, even if they’d already been notified of the tag, there wouldn’t’ be anything at the end of the notification they get.

A friend of mine confirmed it for me. She said that even if she clicked the notification link where she got tagged in, it said something like there were no updates from your friends or something like that.

So yeah, as a public service I’m letting everyone know right now:


If you do end up doing it, do what I did and remove all the pictures that tag your friends as soon as possible. That way you can stop it from spreading.

Yun lang naman yung point ng post na to :).

Happy surfing!

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  1. Zion 1 March, 2013 at 1:14 am

    Good thing I don’t open things like this in Facebook.


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