Crossfit Insurrecto Foundations Class – First Day


Finally did my first class yesterday and it was surprisingly a lot easier than the crossfit trial I did about a month ago. It was the first day for this year’s last foundations class series and there were only 9 of us in the class, 10 if you include the coach.

Coach RJ was the one who lead the class and he did pretty well I think. I’ve been to a lot of gyms from the 50 peso per workout ones, to the fitness first membership types and in most of these gyms it’s usually difficult to find a trainer that really knows what he’s talking about and is able to express himself well. It’s usualy one or the other. For the most part I’ve always had to do my own research on the workouts I’m doing, the food I’m eating, etc… So for me, it’s always a good sign that a gym is good when I feel that the trainers aren’t just all big and bulky but know their stuff as well.

So what happened?

When the class started coach RJ first did a brief intro on what crossfit is and had us write our names on a whiteboard. He said that signing up was one of the first things you do in class and then after the workout you’ll have to write down your “score” on a corresponding section of the board.

A score in crossfit lingo is a numerical measure of how well you did in your workout. I initially equated it to the number of reps you’d do per round or per set but I was only half right. To get your score, you’ll have to count the number of reps you did for all your exercises, all throught the whole workout. So you add on to the same number even if you’re already on your next workout and/or the next round.

I made a lot of mistakes with counting yesterday because I am so used to resetting my count after a particular exercise. So I unconsciously would count again from 1 and then realize that I shouldn’t be and try to add up my old and new count. That messed up my focus to be honest lol. But it’s ok, it’s just the first day anyway. To be safe though I always picked the lowest number I remembered whenever I’m not sure (nagpapaka humble).

After the brief intro we did some stretches to loosen up our bodies and coach RJ explained which muscle groups the stretches were hitting and what the benefits were. He also said that there were some basic stretches/warm-ups that we’d normally be doing each and every class but that they would also be adding in new ones from time to time depending on the WOD.

We also did something called “prehabs” which are essentially just muscle massage exercises to make sure that the muscle groups that we’d be focusing on would be sufficiently loose and flexible enough for the exercises.

Skill Exercises

Next up were the skill exercises. We started with good mornings and coach RJ made sure that we were all doing them right. These weren’t particularly hard but executing them with proper form can be a bit tricky since you can easily crunch down and loosen your hold on your lower back muscles and abs if you’re not careful. The tip about going only as low as when you feel your back leg stretch was a really helpful one because I was initially pushing my upper body lower than I should have been.

After the good mornings we did pushups and then squats. I already talked about this in my crossfit trial post so I wont get into them here.

Then the final one was body rows, which are essentially just like how you’d do them on a machine, except we did them underneath a bar. So we raised the J hooks on the “cage” like thing (I forgot what they’re called) just enough to place a bar on them that we could comfortably slip under. We did the exercise by grabbing the bar and then stepping under them so we’d end up hanging diagonally under it. The smaller the angle your body made in reference to the floor, the harder the workout would be. And we just adjusted based on what we could comfortably do. Then while hanging beneath the bar we pull our sholders back and pull our body (which has to be kept straight always) to the bar. The bar should hit ust below the chest area if I’m not mistaking.

From my observation pretty much all the skill exercises required core control. So we had to always maintain the natural form of our backs, the slight S shape, by keeping the lower back muscles tight. Naturally this also meant that we had to tense our ab muscles a bit. According to coach RJ it should feel like you’re bracing yourself for a punch in the stomach.

WOD (Workout of the Day)

Our WOD yesterday was actually fairly easy, at least compared to the trial WOD. We only had to do good mornings, push ups and squats for either 3 rounds if you’re doing level 1 or 5 rounds if you’re doing level 2. They divide the intensity/weight/duration of WODs into levels to allow people who are still working on their endurance/strength/stamina to still be able to do the them together with the class. We were given 20 seconds for each exercise with 10 seconds in between to rest. Completing all three exercises constituted a round and I believe we were given another 20 or 30 seconds to rest inbetween rounds.

I started slow but picked up after the first round. On the fourth round though my arms started to give in so I was only able to do about 5 push ups for each round by then. This is probably because I’m still a bit too heavy so I’m really working on weight loss right now.

What’s my score?

I was able to do a total of 173 reps in 5 rounds. Not bad… I think. I know I could have done better but I didn’t move as fast as I should have during the squats because my shorts weren’t stretchy haha. I had to pull them up all the time when we did squats because I was afraid I’d tear a hole in it. That would’ve been a really bad way to start my crossfit experience hihi. I’m off to buy stretchier shorts in a bit :).

After the WOD, we wrote our scores down on the board, did some stretches, and coach RJ broke down the gym rules.

A couple of my friends were eating at RUB (I think that’s what it’s called), which is walking distance from the gym so I had dinner there before I took a cab home. I was actually suppose to write this post yesterday but I’m trying to finish Shogun by James Clavell and was too sleepy by the time I finished the chapter I was on.

All in all it was a really good first day. I’m really excited to do my next class this Sunday. I still have until Dec 1 at Fitness First so at least I can do the WODs there or modified ones in-between my foundations classes. That should keep me busy and help me develop better form and strength for when I start my regular classes next month.

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  1. ArnArn 20 April, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    Try to add some photos on your blog, it will make things a little bit more appealing..

    • Malds 21 April, 2013 at 12:06 am

      Hehe thanks for the advice. Just got myself a cam so I’ll be working on getting some good pics for my posts. When I started blogging I didn’t have one so the blog’s not as visually appealing as I want it to be yet lol.

  2. Iya Santos Rollan 6 September, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    Hi, I’ve read your posts about Slimmers, Fitness First and now Crossfit. I’ve never gone to a gym before and would like to start now to lose the flabs. LOL.

    Can you recommend a gym that would suit beginners like me? Preferably one that provides trainers who guide well and that’s not so crowded. I’m slightly leaning towards Fitness First but I’d like to have your “professional” opinion please. 😀

    • Malds 8 September, 2013 at 9:04 am

      lol “professional” talaga ako ha? hehe. I’m just an enthusiast, I’m not a fitness trainer/guru or anything like that :).

      Hmmmm Most of the gyms you mentioned are pretty crowded whichever branch you go to. You’re gonna have to time your visits well. Like for Fitness first I noticed that most people arrive after work is over. So onwards of 5 or 6 pm, people start comming in. If you want a less crowded place then just try to avoid those time slots regardless of where you decide to enroll.

      Of course the bigger branches are always better to go to for me coz they never really seem crowded even if there are a lot of people. The one in Rob ermita is pretty big (Fitness first). And it’s usually the guys equipment that get’s really crowded.

      Re trainers, I can’t really say which ones are good and which aren’t. It’s a hit and miss with them. I’m sure some of good, but others are prolly just “doing their job”. Not all trainers, probably not even most, are fitness enthusiasts even. So just try asking around if you plan to get a trainer. The best way to learn in my opinion is to do your own research and ask questions in blogs like this or in forums. All the stuff you need to learn about weight loss and fitness is already online, you just have to google them. Information online is free while hiring a trainer can cost you quite a bit.

      Good luck and hope you enjoy working out :). Feel free to come back and comment or ask questions whenever you feel like it. Or you can rant here as well if you want hehe.


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