Boxing Workouts you can do at home


A great way to work on your technique in boxing is to have your own equipment to train with at home. Even if you’re only doing it for weight loss purposes it’s still a great idea to have them there. If you have a home gym or even just some extra space at home, it wont be too difficult to setup maybe a speed ball or a punching bag. Even just these two will allow you to do fun and challenging boxing drills that make use of explosive muscle movements.

The Speed Ball

Speed BallBoxing workouts that involve the speed ball allow you to work on your upper body, specifically the shoulders, and develop better timing for punches. The challenge when it comes to speed ball drills is getting the right timing and exerting the correct amount of force. You can’t hit it really hard because it’ll just bounce back too fast and you’ll have a harder time hitting it again. You need to be able to hit it just right and anticipate the bounce, so you can go at it again and again and again.

So when working on this drill, you need to take it slow at first. Don’t try to force it and don’t try to hit the ball as fast as the boxers you see on TV. It can take you day’s to even weeks to really do this well so don’t get frustrated with slow progress. That’s normal.

Once you can keep your hands up and hit the speed ball for a long time, this workout becomes a great upper body cardio exercise. It’s not hard enough on you’re muscles that you can’t sustain it for several minutes, nor is it so easy on your lungs to have a negligible effect.

Punching Bag

And then of course there’s the mainstay of boxing workouts, bag hitting. A punching bag is easy to install and will allow you to practice punches at home. If you learn or already know a bit of boxing, having a punching bag at home is a great way to get a really good workout really quickly. All you have to do is throw your combinations at it. Several rounds (3 minute sets) of hitting the bag is all it takes for you to feel the burn on your arms and shoulders.

You can also work on your footwork, your evasion, your form and your power on the punching bag so it’s really one of the most basic boxing equipment you can have at home. It gives you a full body workout all by itself. So if you can only have one boxing equipment installed at your home gym, then this is what you should get.

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