Bikram Yoga Manila


Bikram Yoga Manila is one of the most popular learning studios for this type of yoga in Manila. According to their site, they’re the pioneer studio that established Bikram here.

For those who don’t know, Bikram Yoga is somewhat different from normal yoga because of the environment that it’s done in. Their classes are done in a fairly hot room to induce sweating. The idea is that toxins from our bodies come out when we sweat, so the more that happens, the better the cleansing is. So on top of the benefits you gain from doing yoga, you also cleanse your body whenever you take the class.

Bikram Yoga Manila

Here’s a really informative/inspiring video I found on YouTube while researching about Bikram Yoga. Be sure to watch it :).


I’ve never tried Bikram Yoga (yet) but I was intrigued by it when I learned that one of my female law professors was taking classes. So I did some research. That’s how I found Bikram Yoga Manila, they seem to be the most popular one here. I’m presuming they’re like the Elorde of Bikram yoga :).

So anyway, I was looking at the postures on their site and I “think” I can do most of them. I may not be able to do them perfectly but they didn’t look that difficult (they most likely are though lol). The main obstacle from what I can tell really is the heat of the room. They bring the temperature up to 37 or 38 degrees Celsius and not everyone can tolerate that heat when they start. I’m not sure if I can because I’ve never really trained in an overly hot environment. I’d imagine I’d sweat a lot, and I already do that anyway even at normal temperatures.¬† I’m not even very fond of Saunas so I’ll probably have trouble with adapting to the heat when I give it a go. The other thing to keep note of is that the class lasts 90 minutes. That’s a long time to be under that much heat.

Bikram Yoga Manila Rates

According to their site, first timers get a discounted fee of 1000 pesos for 1 week’s worth of unlimited sessions. If you want to register for one month’s worth of classes at the discounted beginners rate, it’s 5000 pesos. I believe it goes up to 5,800 after your first month (I could be wrong, will update this once I try it). A bit pricy in my opinion, but it might be worth it. I guess I’ll never know for sure till I finally try it.

What to bring

  • Make sure you’ve got “sweating” clothes on like jerseys or dry fit stuff or you can go topless (men)
  • water bottle
  • two towels for the class and for showering (you can rent there if you forgot yours)
  • yoga mat (you can rent there if you forgot yours)
  • padlock


Bikram Yoga Manila has a Studio in Makati and in Quezon City. You’ll find maps below to both of them.

Bikram Yoga Makati City Studio Map

Bikram Yoga Makati Map

 Bikram Yoga Quezon City Studio Map

This is really close to my CrossFit Insurecto so I’ll probably try Bikram here when I get the chance to.

Bikram Yoga Quezon City Map


Well that’s it for this post. I’m thinking of giving the 1K worth, 1 week unlimited sessions a try soon and I’ll either write a new post or update this one when I do. To those who are thinking of trying Bikram Yoga like me, I hope you found my research useful lol.

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