Aurora Baler is looking better


Just came back from a surfing trip to Sabang beach at Baler, Aurora and it was awesome. I can finally go solo on a board hehe. Paddling still tires me out and I’m still not that good at balancing but I can already catch waves by myself. Might finally be time for me to buy my own board :).

Anyway, I already wrote a  detailed post about surfing at baler, so if you wanna go there you can just check that one out.

Here’s a link:

Baler Surfing Trip – How to get to Sabang Beach

This post is more of an update post only since a couple of new stuff have happened over there.

There are new buildings

There are I think 2 or 3 new resort type places under construction along the beach. According to the locals they belong to the Angaras. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the beach houses but they looked pretty good and they’re almost done. I’m guessing they’ll be open before November.

There’s a new walk way

They have a new walkway also with a white railing. It looks pretty good actually.

Mahdox Surf Shop has moved

For those who love to rent boards and get lessons at Mahdox Surf School, they’re not at the place they once used to be. Their lease expired and the owner wanted to setup his own surf shop. So Michael’s surf shop took their place and Mahdox moved a couple houses down. Still really close to their old location though.

Here are a couple of pictures from my trip. Been playing around with my Pentax Kx and although my skills aren’t perfect and my camera isn’t at pro level lol, I’m loving the learning process. Might even start a new blog about it soon actually.

Sabang Beach low tide

Low tide

Mahdox Surf Shop

New Location ng Mahdox Surf School

Malds menzon surginf

Me inside Mahdox hehe waiting for a free board, they don’t rent out all their boards and ang daming tao na kasi sa hapon

Mahdox surfing coaches

The trainers over at Mahdox Surf chillin

Surfing information

Surfing info over at the shop, they have a lot of these

Surfing shop

Get your boards here 🙂

Surfing Booard

A board waiting for someone to ride it

Sabang Beach walkway

the newly constructed walkway


Sunrise at sabang beach, we got there really early and had to wait for our rooms to be ready

Sabang Beach 2

Mahdox Surf School

Sabang beach 4

Two of my friends chatting along the walkway, this is in front of Bay’s Inn

Bay's Inn Baler

We stayed at Bay’s inn


Sabang beach in the morning

Mahdox Surf School 2


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