All Diets are off this Christmas Holiday :), and Plans for the future


let’s start with my holiday diet first in this post, or rather the lack of it ;).

The Christmas Holidays, despite all the joy and cheer, is a seemingly insurmountable wall for most dieters, especially those from the Philippines. Filipino’s are so used to preparing so much food during the holidays, and they’re all so good, that it’s almost impossible to resist. You just can’t not taste every single bit of food served. They’re almost always cooked by the family’s best cook. In my household it’s my Mom 🙂 but in others it’s either the lola or the tita. Then there’s always the Lechon. It just won’t be Christmas without the lechon :).

Since last month I’ve been “discerning” lol on whether or not I should diet during the holidays because I really need to lose weight. I know that the weight I’ll gain during the couple of days that I’ll be in Leyte (my home province) will result in a month or two worth of dieting and exercise just to lose. So I’d be piling several pounds over the pounds I already have to lose now lol.

The argument for dieting is very sound, and I’d probably counsel the same if someone asked me for advice. Pero hypokrito ako in this haha. Because I chose to not diet during the holidays. I want to enjoy it as much as I can, and eating lots and lots of food is a very big part of Christmas for me and my family. It makes my relatives and my parents happy to see me enjoying myself and I don’t want to get all the hirits about dieting on Christmas and make everyone else feel bad that they’re not lol.

So yes, in the end I gave in to my baser instincts and let the glutton in me out ;). I think I had a happier Christmas because of it (subjective, I know). Now I need to exercise everyday before New Year comes because I need to at least prep my body for the next surge of food lol.

Now on to my plans for this blog.

I’m really happy with the progress so far. This isn’t my first blog but it’s the first one that’s a bit personal. The other ones I have were created mainly for revenue and I didn’t really pour that much of myself into them (except maybe my freelancing blog which I took down, but will be relaunching next year). So with this blog I’m happy that I get 30 – 40 daily visitors and it’s been growing every week.

I plan to write more review posts in the future and I’m currently planning what they’ll be about actually. These posts have worked the best for me in terms of views and I think what makes them really popular is that they’re well planed posts and they’re useful. So expect more of those in January.

I”m also planning to get back into freelancing again since I’m probably going to have some free time next year. I’ll be devoting a lot of that to this blog and the other one I’ll be relaunching but I also want to earn a bit of extra cash so freelancing again might be good for me.

hmmm… what else…. I’m out of things to say hehe so I’ll end this post here and will see if I can write another one before the year ends. I’ll probably be able to do a year end post so see you all then :).

Happy Holidays  Everyone !

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