2013 Resolution


I gained a good bit of weight over the holidays and wasn’t really able to workout because of an ankle sprain so I really need to get back to the gym ASAP. I got the sprain after a botched landing on a jump-shot I did when we (Initiatives for Social Action or ISA) climbed a mountain in Tarlac for an outreach activity last December. I was extremely lucky that the sprain happened after climbing down. I guess I was too tired to land properly or my muscles were already too strained to properly support my weight. That or I might have been too heavy already for my own good lol.



2013 resolution

So this year I really need to lose a ton of weight and I’m giving myself the first 3 months of the year to jump-start my weight loss. That’s the foremost item on my list.

#1 Lose at least 5 pounds every month

I’m currently at 215 lbs. I was about 210 before the holidays so I gained around 5 pounds. I need to lose those 5 this month and lose another 10 pounds to get myself below the 200 lbs mark before summer. Considering the way I workout, I think I should be able to achieve that much without too much difficulty if I can keep my diet in check.

I eat a lot and that’s always been what’s kept me from dropping below 200 lbs. I’ve always bounced around at the 205-210 range despite all my efforts for the most part of last year. I didn’t really diet much though and only kept exercising. I’m bigger than I was muscle wise but the fat is still there so I really need to work on losing those the next 3 months.

 #2 Become a regular at Crossfit Insurrecto

I’ve already left fitness first so I have no gym anymore. So I need to enroll at CrossFit Insurrecto this month and become a regular member there. I’m already done with their foundations classes so I just need to pay the 2 month down payment for their yearly membership.

The workouts there are pretty intense so I wont be enrolling till I’m fully healed (ankle sprain). I’m thinking maybe Jan 15 is a good date to start. They count you’re membership starting from either the first or the fifteenth of the month so I’ll go with the latter.

#3 Buy a new Laptop

My laptop just died on me a couple of hours ago. I’ve been trying to fix it myself the past two months and got it working right most of the time. unfortunately this last one might be permanent already. It can’t seem to read the hard disk anymore which tells me that the problem is beyond my meager fixing skills already. It’s too expensive to have it repaired and it’s almost 5 years old already so it’s past time to let it move on to Mac Heaven. You have served me well my 2007 white Macbook but death comes to us all.

I’ll have to either save up for a new laptop or buy one through installments. I’ve never bought anything on installment before and I don’t really like to because it’s usually more expensive. But we’ll see what I can come up with financially.

I want to get a Macbook pro this time since the specs of the new macs are pretty good. But I have seen ads about the new windows touch screen laptops that some companies are making and they seem really convenient. So right now I might be leaning more towards apple still but if I find out that the specs and price of the new windows laptops I’ve seen are better then I might go for those.

#4 Start promoting this blog more

I haven’t really been promoting this blog yet. I’ve done the basic SEO research and some link building from web 2.0 sites but I haven’t done any guest posts at all yet and neither have I promoted the site on Facebook/twitter. Sure some of my posts have been shared on social media by my readers and I’m infinitely grateful for that but I know I could’ve done more to promote them.

I think the main reason why I held back is because I don’t really feel like my blog has that much content yet to share. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be comfortable enough to really promote it on my Facebook account.

#5 Become a mountaineer

A lot of my friends think that I’m already a mountaineer because I’ve been up Mt Pulag so many times. I’ve probably done the trek 7 or 8 times since I go up to visit the school that Ten Moves is building so often.

But Mt Pulag and the mountain in Sitio Yangka, Tarlac (for an outreach activity with the Aetas) are the only two mountains that I’ve really climbed. Because of them though I’ve met a lot of people who are part of mountaineering groups and have become really interested in becoming a real mountaineer. Me and some friends actually have a climb set for Mt Apo this coming Holy Week, that’s sort of going to becoming my “personal” initiatory climb :).

Then from there I hope to be able to climb maybe 4 or 5 more mountains before 2013 ends. I still have a lot to learn and a lot of mountains to climb before I can call myself a mountaineer, but I’m very excited at the prospect of visiting amazing places that not everyone sees or can go to.

#6 Further my knowledge about fitness

I’m still a law student so it’s normal that I study that, but I also want to open a gym or a CrossFit box someday and become a coach or a trainer. I know it’s not really something you’d expect from a law student or a lawyer (if I ever become one) but I really want to open one in the next couple of years.

I don’t have any Fitness/medical degree though so I’ll have to learn everything I need through my own efforts. I already read a lot of fitness magazines and articles online so I’ll continue to do those. I try to listen and take note of all the important things that my trainers tell me as well. I’m especially impressed with the stuff I’ve learned at CrossFit Insurrecto. They really teach you a lot of really basic, important, but often neglected things when it comes to proper form, execution and over all fitness.

We’ll that’s it for this list. I know they’re pretty simple things but that’s what I want for myself this year. Maybe I’ll add to them as I think about my future a little more, but for now those 6 are on at the top of my mind.

Hope 2012 was a good year for all of you, and let’s all face 2013 with the desire and determination to live a fitter and fuller life.

Happy New Year :).

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